Problem during smear test.

Hi everyone, 

I'm 25 and had my first smear test today at my GP surgery. It was carried out by the nurse who had a bit of a problem getting to my cervix. 

She had to use a longer speculum and it was extremely painful. She also made me put my under my hips to tilt my pelvis up a bit. Afterwards she said that she doubts that the sampe would have been adequate so she reckons i'll get called back for another! 

The entire experience was awful and i'm dreading the possibility of having to go back again. Is this common? She said that my cervix was quite far back and it is probably related to my height, I'm 5ft 9. I'm worried that this is going to be a problem every time I go for a smear!

If anyone else has been through a similar experience i'd love to hear from you!





Hi, I had the same thing the nurse really struggled to get a good sample (had to tilt my pelvis up too) she also asked if i had, had my children naturally which worried me a little (i had). My sample did come back abnormal but that is all sorted now and had nothing to do with the struggle to find me cervix. I think sometimes they are just a little shy :) - try not to worry xx

Hi there, at my gps surgery where I had my smear the nurse had one hell of a job to find my cervix. I have a prolapse which made things difficult, so, several different speculums, a condom, some VERY strange positions and 40 minutes later I finally got my smear done! We are not all built the same and sometimes it can be a pain to get the cervix in the right place, I was terrified of having my smear but the nurse was fantastic, I was crying to start with I was sooo wound up but by the end of it both of us were in stitches with laughter, good staff can make all the difference.

I think the problem lies in the fact that most gp clinics dont have the best equipment, a normal couch isnt the best for getting us into the right position, at the hospital the chairs with stirrups are designed to do that job properly, I have numerous exams/smears since at the hospital and there has been no problem finding what is left of my cervix, the record so far is 4 minutes in the chair!

If your test comes back inadequate it might be worth asking to have it done at the colp clinic.

Hey there,


Back in the day when i had a used to tilt backwards too. I'm 5ft 9, not sure height was the reason but they usually got lucky if they used a slimmer speculum.


Hope they managed to get a good sample and you don't have to repeat the process. Once I knew mine tilted back, I always told the nurse beforehand so they were prepared.


Good luck!

Hi Laura,


I'm 24 - when I went for my Smear, my cervix is to the left so yes it was really uncomfortable when the Nurse tried to get the spectlum in.

However when I went for my colposcopy I explained that it had been super uncomfortable during my smear and that I had ached a bit for a week or so afterwards. She was so good she took note of what I said and was so careful when she inserted the spectlum which was so much better!

Just talk to your nurse she will understand and really pay attention to your concerns.


Hiya I went for a smear the nurse said my cervix is to far back to get a smear she got doctor to try aswell now they are sending me to hospital he also said he can see a bleed and now it made me twice as worse all my last 3 smear came back normal 

Hi I went for a smear. Was in a pain minute spectulum was put on then nurse couldnt find cervix. Did smear and i bled through whole process. After smear she said it may come back inadquete as shes not sure she got enough cells.

Im dreading getting the results Cry