Absolutely terrified now!

Hiya ladies, bear with me I am new to this. Until today I have just been reading everyone elses stories. But today everything is getting on top of me so I hope you don't mind me sharing my thoughts. I got my smear test results of severe dyskaryosis on the 11th October (2 days after my beautiful mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer), I was a mess! I had my lletz treatment on 30th October (my 33rd birthday) and I bled loads they found it hard to stop my bleeding.  After they did everything seemed fine, didn't even have any cramps and just very light bleeding and discharge.  Its 3 weeks tomorrow and I still have no results, I have rung up a few times just to be told they are not back yet.  I asked if this is a good thing and was told no not really they just haven't been done yet :( I am so worried now and really finding it hard to cope with it all on top of my mums diagnosis.  Just can't stop crying. Any advice or support would be nice. And has anyone else bled loads at the lletz appointment, bit worried that this means something bad?

Hi Kerry - I have read lots of stories here about people bleeding a lot after LLETZ treatments, and it is a normal thing to happe so this definitely does not mean your diagnosis may be any worse. If its 3 weeks already, I'm sure it won't be much longer, hold on in there and lets all pray for a positive result.

I am so sorry about your mother, that is truly awful. These cervical cancer scares are difficult enough, I can only imagine how this on top of your mother's diagnosis is affecting your current state of mind. My suggestion, is to keep pestering them, perhaps even tell them your current situation, and they may be able to hurry your results along a bit?

I know nothing anyone can say will help ease the worry until you have those results in your hand. Best of luck to you and to your mother xxx

Sending you a big virtual cuddle. Brill advice above.  I would explain your situation to them and see if they can hurry them along! The waiting is the worst bit sweetie.  Sending you all my love xxx

Thank you for your replies ladies, means a lot. Can't talk to mum like I normally would as she has enough to deal with this all so upsetting. I am convinced it will be CC cos of our bad luck lately, my husband was diagnoised with rhumatoid arthritis earlier in the year too. Just can't help thinking the worse, I know I shouldn't but I am really struggling at the moment. Just need my results now :(

My darling lady, it's OK not to be OK, especially at the moment, don't you dare apologise for feeling like you are struggling. From the sounds of it, you are having to cope with awful things ATM, give yourself some time for you. I tried not to worry and it made me more anxious and exhausted trying to keep up a front of being fine. I had my lletz just over a week ago and have started chasing the clinic just because there is a query over cc. The girl at the clinic was lovely and understood saying she would chase pathology for me. My nan always used to say the squeaky wheel gets the oil!. Xxxx

Still no results but  I got a letter explaining the procedure that I had :(

Have you had ur results yet hun?