Lletz treatment and scared about results

Hi all,

I’m new here. And I just need some help and support please? 2 weeks ago I had abnormal smear results saying I had severe dyskariosis. Automatically panic sets it…as I lost my Mum to Cancer (she was 29) and her Mum to Cancer too (she was 56). I had my Lletz treatment on Friday 9/12/16 and had some complications during the procedure, I’m a bleeder and it took the doctor 20 mins to stop the bleeding. By this point I was already shaky and feeling weak and ill from the LA…which I also need double dose of as I don’t numb like normal people do. He started cutting while I was still going numb and I felt everything (sorry if tmi)…
I am so emotional after the treatment and so nervous about my biopsy results. I have 2 boys aged 7 and 9 and a baby girl aged 11 months. I need to be here for them and I need to be on top form…but I am so distracted by the possibility of cervical cancer. I’m an emotional wreck and my fiancé as much as I love and adore him is pretty much useless. He doesn’t cope at all with stressful situations and he really doesn’t understand what I’m going through. I feel so scared and alone.

Any help and support from woman going through the same thing will be so much appreciated.

Thank you all x

Try not to freak out, so many people have severe dyskariosis and so few end up having cervical cancer. I've just recovered from another sever medical condition and within two weeks of getting the all clear had the letter telling me my smear was abnormal, so naturally im back into full panic mode! (so i can totally relate) I requested Lletz under general anastetic (it was surprisingly easy)  as I cant handle any more medical procedures whilst I'm awake, its such unessesary stress. How long did they say till you'll get results? xxx

In the same position Candi my lletz is tomorrow and both my smear and biopsy came back as severe. I just want to get loop done and get results, never realised just how long these things take. Everything so far has been 2 week waits which actually seems short compared to most. 

Can someone tell me will I be ok to drive home after lletz as I'm keeping it quiet from everyone until I know what's going on myself

It depends how far you have to travel. If your under GA then no you won't be able to drive.

I had mine under local and I'm only 10 minutes from hospital. At a push I probably would have driven if I was on my own but if I had to travel  any further then I wouldn't.

I found the whole experience very stressful and emotional. The LA made my heart race and took me a good half an hour to calm down before leaving the hospital.

Hi shimmy

Thanks for the reply...I hope you are feeling better. They said 2 to 3 weeks for my results, but I think because of it being Christmas it could take longer. On tenterhooks all the time at the moment x

I couldn't drive as I react badly to LA and GA....so my partner drove me home. But you should be ok to. Depends on how far you have to travel I guess. Hope you'll be ok hun. X

Hi Kaiser....I was the same. The nurse looked at me while I. Was lying there upside down with my legs in the air and said "are you ok?" I said "why?" She said "because all the colour has just drained from your face" next thing I know I was dizzy and seeing stars. Anesthesia really doesn't agree with me. I had to go into a little side room and wait for half an hour with a nurse before they would let me leave. Very traumatic and emotional experience. And now the waiting. I just hope it's all over and done with before Christmas. X

Hi there....hope it all goes ok for you tomorrow hun. Yeah the waiting is a real pain in the ***....I wish they could just get it all done at once and not make woman have to worry so much. I got absolutely no information from the doctor...It was literally just, "your having the treatment, change into a gown and go into that room" then when they were done...It was like "wait around for half an hour so we can make sure you don't pass out"....then it was like "ok bye, you'll get your results in a few weeks" I felt really overwhelmed by it all and very confused. 

I hope yours goes better than mine did. Only sound advice I can give you is ASK QUESTIONS...and make the doctor answer them. I wish I had asked more. I wouldn't be so in the dark if I had. Good luck hun x

Hi Candi - I hope you are doing okay? I know this is a super scary situation, I've just been diagnosed with CIN3 had colposcopy, biopsy and LLETZ. Luckily no cancer found. I had a great gynecologist who explained a few things that kept me calm. First off they when they do the colposcopy and LLETZ they can usually make an educated guess if there is cancer present or not. Secondly, he told me the one 'good thing' about cervical cancer is how long it takes to develop. Hence why regual paps are so important, the sooner they catch it the sooner they can treat it. 

Try not to worry too much, this is really serious but also so so common, very manageable and statistically unlikely to be anything malignant. 

Best of luck x 

Hi Candi,

I just wanted to let you know that I am in exactly the same situation as you, I had LLETZ on Monday for severe dyskaryosis and am waiting for biopsy results.  I felt totally drained and tearful yesterday at work but better today. I just want to know the results NOW but am dreading them at the same time.

Good luck with your results,

Sarah x

Hi hun...Thank you for your comment. I'm so glad I found this forum as all the ladies responses have been so encouraging. I am trying so hard not to worry about my results. I have been so emotional and tearful since my Lletz. My GP has actually booked me off work because I've had a post Lletz infection, I've come down with a chest infection at the same time and I'm on 2 different antibiotics. I feel so run down and tired at the moment. 

I just pray for some news...good or bad before Christmas. So that at least I know either way. 


Hi Sarah

Thak you for your post. I hope you get your results through quickly and that it's nothing to worry about. It's so scary isn't it? I'll post results good or bad when I have them. Take care hun. X

Candi x

Thanks Candi, I'll let you know too, hopefully we won't be waiting too long.

Take care


Mine was weds. Have had three smears yearly as was so worried as kept at having bleeding between periods and bloody discharge and stomach pains and all told me oh it's hormones and ibs. Only for this routine smear in nhs to come back low grade and biopsies then said cin1 -and 2 scared the Leetz results will now state worst 

Hi hun...I am still waiting for my results and to be honest I am finding it really hard to think about anything else. It's interfering with every day life and is making my relationship really unsteady. I had a breast Cancer scare 2 years ago....and had my biopsy and results on the same day. I was all clear thank god...but I don't know why they don't do the same with cervical screening. Cervical cancer is a big deal....and they make woman wait. "Oh you have pre cancerous cells...we'll remove them and hope for the best"....what is that? Why do they deliberately put woman through this trauma? I think it's unreasonable to ask a woman to wait 2 to 4 weeks for biopsy results that could potentially tell her she has cancer. 

I hope your results vome back quickly hun..

Candi x

Hi Candi22 - Have you heard anything else on your results?