Abnormal results

Hi all I am new to this page but I'm going out my head with worry,, I am 25 and a mum to 4 beautiful little boys... I had a smear 4 weeks ago (which is my first) I begged my gyno over a year ago for one but was refused as was too young but was bleeding after sex and pain while having sex then I fell pregnant with my fourth son who is now 5months old... my smear has come back abnormal and high grade I'm going to the hospital tomorrow for a colscopy (sorry if not spelt right!) but the last two times me and my husband have have had sex I'm in real pain the day after and start spot bleeding... I have worked myself up in to a rift state and feel like no one understands me at all ☹️️

Hey Loulou

As someone who is fairly new I would say you're in the right place. And ban yourself from Google. I had a colposcopy last week and had worked myself into such a panic and it was really unnecessary. I felt nothing when they took the biopsies just sore the next day...I hope knowing this helps? I also requested to watch on the screen as even though I didn't know what I was looking at.i wanted to see what was going on(personal preference) I hope all. Goes well for you tomorrow and please let us know how you get on. I have found these ladies are amazing and keep everyone as a huge family safe and open to talk to each other about anything. I hope this relaxes you a little bit about your procedure

Thankyou for your reply I am so so nervous its unreal..... when will u find your results out? I dont think I'd like to see but my husband is coming with me and he doesn't understand anything to do with women so he might understand abit more by seeing what they are actually doing... I just wanna get it over with as first appointmen got cancelled so the waiting game has drove me crazy xx

hi there, 

sorry to hear about your smear, sometimes they remove the bad cells there and then so it may all be over quicker than you think. Also it can sometimes be diffrent to your smear so it may even not be as bad as what the smear says. I'm 5 weeks post lletz for high grade changes and they got it with clear boarders so even if it is that don't worry ( I know it's impossible ) I was so scared I was shure I had cc. I was having sharp cervix pain and pain during seX for months before my smear and saw loads of dr's who said its tension down there from stress, but I think it was the changes. Watch the husband tho mine came and watched and nearly passed out :-). We were all having a laugh the nurses were telling me that the men are usually the ones that need a drink And a sit down and the women are the tough cookies. Don't worry about the procedures most go problem free and if you have had kids.... Well nothing is as painful as child birth so you will be fine. Iv had 3 kids and hardly felt anything. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Xx

Iv had it done they told me it's definitely pre cancerous so my heads I right mess I don't know what to think cxx

I know it's scary and all abit much but try remember it's pre cancerous not cancer and there going to get rid of them. I was the same but a very nice nurse explained to me that it just means there are changes that could potentially turn to cancer, alot wouldnt but they treat them all to be on the safe side. X


Sending you big virtual hugs xxx

And if you want to chat or vent I'm here for you as are many many others. You are not alone!!

So many hugs and so much love 


Thank you for ur reply ☺️

I'm just so worried just hoping that it is only precancerous and they can sort it for me... it's a week Monday since having it done and was told I have to wait up to 4 weeks for results but days feel like they are dragging at minute.. last two days have been ok just been getting on with it but the tonight iv kind of just freaked out and my head not switch off driving myself crazy just want to know the results as I'm sure that's the case with every one... feeling very impatient xxxx