First smear, abnormal results :(

I had my first smear and it came back one week later I had abnormal cells. I went into break down. My colposcopy is on 12th dec and im anxious about it but I'm not worried about the procedure just what they find. I have had some stomache pain and I guess a bit of discharge (sorry for the info :) ) but no bleeding or anything major to be concerned about. But being 25 & having my first ever smear result come back abnormal has terrified me. I feel so bad for my hubby who is also quite upset- his mum had cc 4 yrs ago and I can see the fear every time he looks at me and says everything will be fine. If anyone has any reassuring words or a similar experience id love to hear from you. Thank you xxxx

Hiya! I completely understand the anxiety you've got. It was my first smear that I was referred for. I had a couple of biopsy s on my first colposcopy. That was in march. I'm going for another colposcopy on the 18th as they identified I have cin 1 & 2 so they decisend after some discussion to "watch and wait". I'll be honest even though I know what to expect procedure wise I am absolutely terrified of what they will find this time, I know that statistically there's an extremely small chance it'll be anything sinister but i can't help having that bad news scenario playing in my head. I know that what I've said might not be that reassuring I'm sorry, but it might be a comfort to know that someone's feeling the same. You wipronto ably have more of a sense of relief after your appointment. Good luck, take someone with you just for a bit of support even if they don't go in. Keep us updated xxx

Thanks for the reply. It is comforting to know others are or have been in the same position. I know at our age it's practically unheard of for it to be the worst its still horrible all the same having to deal with it. I'm just trying to be as positive as possible- I think the more I worry the more I'm imagining I've got aches and pains- it sounds crazy I know but it's so true! I'm just hoping for the best and I think the more positive we are the better we'll handle the outcome. :) kkeep me posted with your next one too! Ill update how I find Wednesday fingers crossed my pain threshold doesn't let me down :) xxxxx

Just wnated to add to this xhhx - after I got the letter, I experienced a whole range of aches, pains and other complaints, which I realise now were down to one cause only: anxiety! Not only was I convinced I would have cc, I also managed to convince myself I had bowel and throat cancer - and even MS, randomly! Then I gave myself a stern talking to and started to feel much better. I really wouldn't be surprised if that's what your ache is. Anxiety manifests itself in physical symptons. So try not to worry if you can. Although yesterday (the day before my coloscopy) I was a bag of nerves, so I'm guessing it will be the same for you! Hang on in there, it will soon be over xxx

Hi Charlotte everything you just said is almost identical to what I have thought and felt- I think our minds are our own worst enemy! I have my appointment tomorrow at 10.30 so I'm going to post afterwards- I am a bag of nerves, but like you said I honestly believe it it is anxiety it's just trying to get a hold over it! I keep just thinking its Xmas soon and it's just the worst time of year for all of us to have to deal with this although I guess anytime of year is just as bad! I'm going to stay positive and hope I don't find tomorrow too much of a struggle! Thank you for the reply it really has helped so much :) xxxxxx

today I had my colposcopy and whilst there had two biopsies done. I chose not to have the local anaesthetic as they promised it literally would take seconds. I have to say it wasn't as bad as I expected. It wasn't something that I wish on anyone but if you have to do go through it dont be scared as it really is completely fine. They said the results would be back in 4-6 weeks and depending on what they come back like will depend on what treatment I have but the anxiety I felt has gone. I know now its all in hand and will be dealt with. Obviously the waiting isn't ideal but what will be will be and I've realised not to worry too much as even if the news is bad it can be sorted. I hope anyone that has yet to go for there colposcopy will take comfort knowing that you can do it and its not as bad as you may think! fingers crossed for a good outcome :) xxx

Hi hun, have just come across your post and thought I would lend my support too as I had my first smear test in August (am also 25) and it came back abnormal so had colposcopy in September and excision treatment in October which came back with CIN3 :-( They've also found CGIN which is apparently further up the cervix heading into the womb so am a bit worried about that as they're not going to be able to check that until my follow-up smear.

Hope you're feeling ok about things, I know the waiting is the hardest part. If you ever want to send me a private message I'm happy to chat and provide advice or just be there to listen. Fingers crossed that your results come back fine. Happy Christmas xxx

Hi everyone I am New to this site, I to had my first smear test on the 17th December 2013 I am 24 and have 2 beautiful girls. My results came back on Christmas eve as abnormal and I have been referred to my local hospital for colonoscopy I am so scared I can't stop thinking about it and what they are going to find xx 

Hi ladies, I just wanted to add my experience so far! The whole procedure itself is honestly fine, the colposcopy is nothing to worry about. I too had my first ever smear this year in October (25 years old) an it came back abnormal with evidence of HPV. I cried when I got my letter cause I've never had anything wrong with me, never even really been ill so it was a complete shock! Anyway, I was constantly thinking about it everyday up until my colposcopy appointment. I was a nervous wreck! I asked that many questions I think I annoyed myself so god knows how she must have felt lol. They were both so reassuring and lovely though so it made me feel more at ease! The colposcopy itself doesn't hurt, it's just a little bit uncomfortable but it's over within minutes. She told me before that I had high risk HPV which is what concerned me more so than actually having an abnormal smear. During the examination she said she couldn't really see much and that she thinks it's just the HPV that's present, but took 2 biopsies anyway just to check. Now, the waiting really is the worst part by far!!!! Try to keep busy during this time, I went away for a week and it helped take my mind off it. My results eventually came back after about 4 weeks (no news is good news so they say) and in my case it was true. My result came back CIN1 with no further treatment needed and referred me back in a years time for a repeat smear. CIN1 has the potential to go back to normal on it's own, that's why they don't seem too concerned with CIN1. In some cases, CIN2 can go back on it's own but it's not as likely as with CIN1, that's why they usually offer treatment with CIN2 & 3. It does not mean cancer what so ever. Also with HPV, as with any virus, HPV can clear up on it's own after about 2 years and your body builds immunity to it. There is still so much unknown about HPV, but I do believe that once it's gone, it's gone. Almost like a common cold :) try not to worry ladies! I know it's easier said than done, but the whole thing really is more psychological than anything else. I experienced weird sensations/ pains/ cramps.. The lot! I still do! But you know what? It is anxiety, it's in our minds. If we hadn't have had an abnormal smear, we wouldn't even be bothered about the smallest twinge or anything. The mind is a crazy thing and can sometimes be our worst enemy! Just don't let it worry you or change the way you live. I know how it feels cause I've been through it, I still have almost a year to wait till my next smear so I have to just put it to the back of my mind! Also, stress isn't good for the body! Enjoy life ladies - worry about it when it happens. As for now, nothing sinister is going on so keep that in mind. Remember, you're in the system and will be kept a close eye on :) if anyone needs to talk feel free to PM me. I have done lots of research :) big hugs girlies xxx