Abnormal smear results



I'm new to this forum. I'm 24 and just had my first smear test a couple of weeks ago. Both myself and my friend have recieved our invitations just a few months before being 25. 

Didnt think anything of it booked appointment, went along tad nervous being the first one. Had it done didn't think much else of it. 

Yesterday I received my results explaining that I have severe abnormal results and I am now terrified. I have read alot of forums on here which slightly putting my mind at ease but still so scared. 

I do have some pain during sex but this is not a new thing. Sorry for graphics but it us usually painful at the begining goes away during and usually some pain and inflamation after. 

As I said this is not necessarily a new thing I have had pain during sex for most of the time i have been sexually active. Does this minimise the chance of this being a symptom of cancer as I don't think I have any other symptoms.

I am now currently waiting on an appointment for a colposcopy but just want to cry everytime I think about it! 


Hi JennahJellyBean

I have always had normal smears and so the shock of an abnormal one was horrible. I can imagine when you have your first one you're just expecting it to be normal. I cried too waiting for the colposcopy and I found the wait harder than the actual appointment.  I don't think women talk lots about abnormal smears. I knew one friend had had a LLETZ treatment before she had her kids but then I found that four others have had abnormal smears and some treatment too! It's why we go for smears I guess so they can pick up any misbehaving cells and act before they may or may not do anything else.  Try not to worry yourself and I hope your apointment comes through really soon and all is fine x