A reassuring story

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to write here because in the past two years I read almost every thread looking for answers and reassurance, and more often than not, people don’t update (which is perfectly understandable), so it’s easy to spiral and worry. It makes it seem like concerning outcomes are in the majority, while it’s quite the opposite.

I have received my first smear back in spring 2021 as positive for high risk HPV and borderline changes. After a (emotionally traumatic) colposcopy, I was sent for a repeat smear in 1 year time.

Spring 2022, you guessed it, still high risk HPV positive but no cell changes this time. At this point, I started getting concerned I wasn’t going to shift it. I am not a smoker, I eat healthy, I exercise.

A week ago I went for my third smear, and I was so concerned it was going to come back positive again.

But….it’s negative!!!

Please don’t worry, once you are in the system you are in good hands, and even if you’ll need atypical cells removed, chances are you will be perfectly fine :heartbeat:


Thanks for sharing this! I’ve had high risk hpv for the past 5 years- really hoping I shift it soon. Great to hear it’s possible! Xxx

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