8 Years Post Radical Trachelectomy

Hi All,

I first used this website 8 years ago on first diagnosis and it was a huge help to me then but I have to say have used it very little since.

I was diagnosed with stage 1b1 cancer in 2007, had a cone biopsy followed by Radical Trachelectomy and have received normal results every year since.

Last year I went for the annual colp and the results came back with borderline changes, so minor that they would just see me in 12 months. Went for the annul colp July 2015 and have been waiting for the results to receive a letter today saying come in 3 months time.

Just wanted to check has anyone else had this after 8 years or longer? I appreciate that they must just want to keep a close eye on me but am just confused regarding these changes after so long especially when all seemed to be going so well.

I am 36 and have not had a child nor have I been trying to conceive.

Thank you, any help would be appreciated x

Hi. I suppose hpv could still cause some changes and then your body sorts it out. Not sure, but they are prob expecting it to clear up on its own. Rational thought thinks of it was something to be worried about, they would have you in faster than a fast thing...

Thank you - I feel so much calmer now and have gained some rational thought on the matter. I just panicked as was expecting this year for them to say last years problem had resolved itself. Thank you for takign the time to respond, it has helped. Lv Janet xx