2nd follow up.

Had my second follow up appointment today and what a relief everything looks good :)). No scan no sign of anything untoward. Thank goodness for that :))


Charlene xx

Brilliant news! :)

Great Chalrene! That's briiliiant news and you can now chill and live a little for the next 6 months.

I too am waiting for my second scan results. Can you tell me how long you waited from the day of the scan?

Happy days!

Jools x


I haven't had a scan yet, I didn't have chemo radiation. They done full chemotherapy then a hysterectomy plus brachy. My consultant doesn't do routine scanning unless something shoW's at the check up or you present with symptoms. My cns said tho that she would have results of a scan within 7 days if i have one and all being well she would give me the result over the phone xxx

Brilliant news Charlene :-)

Long may it continue.