First post treatment appointment

Hi - Can anyone help with my question! 

I went for my first post treatment appointment yesterday.

2b cc - 5 Chemo, 28 external radio,3 internal radiotherapy

Treatment finished on Feb 12th.

I did not see my consultant but one of his team. She asked how I felt- which is fine.

Then asked if I wanted a follow up scan? Is this normal- I thought a scan was part of the procedure to check how the 

treatment went. I was slightly confused. She said that some people do not want to know. I want the scan.

She then said that if it had not worked I would only be offered pallative chemo! I did ask her how the treatment went 

but did not get a clear answer! 

I am planning to send an email to the consultant to see if he can answer my concerns. 

Any one who has been through the same treatment- could you help with my question. Many thanks.




I was also stage 2b diagnosed 18 months ago.  I had the same treatment as you apart from only 2 brachy treatments because when they scanned me during the brachy procedure they couldn't see any active disease and they were worried about damage to my bowels.   So the oncologist decided I should have surgery to be sure.  I wasn't asked if I would like a scan ...... they just scheduled me in.  Did you get the scan results from your brachy treatment ?   For me I would need to know and have the scan.  

There have been many 2b ladies on here who have been clear after treatment.  

If you have unanswered questions, then maybe contacting your consultant would be the best plan, but until they do the scan they are dealing with options rather than facts.



good luck,  keeping everything crossed that the scan is NED




Hi Julie,

That's really odd behaviour I think. I do hope you get to the bottom of it soon. Please let us know how you get along.

Be lucky


Many thanks  for your replies- Tracey and Tivoli.

Everyone I have spoken to thinks it is quite strange. I am writing an email today

to the consultant and phoning the hospital tomorrow. I will hopefully get some answers.

I will keep you posted. Many thanks again. 



Received a reply to my email to the consultant. He answered my concerns. 

I hopefully will be having a scan in May. I would love to speak to anyone who has been in a similar 

situation to me- 






Hi Julie,

Well May isn't such a long time to wait now :-) When did you finish all your treatments? They like to leave it a little while before you have a scan so I'm just wondering if yours is a normal sort of wait. And I hope your consultant has had a word with his assistant by now!

Be lucky


Hi - thanks Tivoli. My treatment finished on Feb 12th.

So - it is not too long. My tumour has reduced but he said there were still some

signs of abnormalities. I feel fine- so I am going to work on the positives. 

That makes sense :-) My first scan was 10½ weeks after I finished my treatment.

Be lucky :-)


Thanks Tivoli. 

You're welcome :-)