2nd attempt at a colposcopy!

Hi everyone, and a happy new year to you all! 

So after waiting for what feels like an eternity (it's only been about 3months) my second coloposcopy is only a couple of weeks away. So now I have all of that waiting and trepidation to look forward to! Last time the biopsy they took was too small to be analysed... So does anyone have any advice to help me out? Should I cough harder? I really don't want a third attempt. 

It'll be my 25th birthday a couple of days after, so at least that will keep my mind off Worrying about the results.

Hope you're all doing well :) 

I should just add that I've been having terrible pains over the last few months, intermittently, in my groin. And I haven't had a period since March (I do have poly cystic ovaries so it could just be that!)

Uggghh its bad enough waiting the first time, nevermind having to do it again! I think its up to the doctors to make sure they take a big enough sample. (They didn't really make you cough did they, its hard to tell sarcasm online, lol).

I hope the next few weeks fly for you, and the wait for the results. It feels like its just never ending once it starts!!

Oh no, sorry this is happening to you. Waiting those 3 months has to have been agony.

Hope it all goes ok for you this time. Hopefully although what they removed was not suitable to biopsy, there is always the likelihood that they removed the abnormality but were just not able to confirm the grade? Easy to say but try and keep calm and be kind to yourself. 

Everything crossed for a smooth ride for you.

Oh and happy birthday! Hope you have some lovely treats lined up



I'm not being sarcastic, they really made me cough! 

And thanks, hopefully time will pass quickly. Im sure work will keep me snowed! :)

Thanks yeah, I actually a managed to forget about until this week - got caught up with Christmas.

I'm not 100% sure abour what the problem was, I didn't receive a letter for my results so had to ring and spoke to a nurse who told me the basics without too much detail. I'm hoping the consultant can fill me in a bit more! 

And thanks -I have a night of cocktails and good food planned for my birthday! Can't wait!! X

Hi Little Ghost Girl,

Oh the famous coughing...the practice one you have to do first is the worst!  I totally agree with an earlier comment....they are professionals and should know if it is big enough. On the day I would just remind the consultant that's the reason you are back. If this is not successful I would consider informing the hospital department.  This is not acceptable.  Best of luck with the next one.


See they didn't make me practice... I wish they had! 

Thanks :)