Hey all, 

I'm 2b with lymph node involvement. No hyster for me (can I still be a hystersister?) just radiotherapy and chemo. Gutted. 

The Csn I spoke to this time was much better. Apologised about the 6.30 test msg and cancelled ultrasound. I didn't mean to sound ungrateful in my previous post, but it's the little things that are bothering me atm. 

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Good luck and solidarity to all newly diagnosed folk on here. Posting has helped me come to terms with all this and it's so great that this exists. 


I am stay 2b also - diagnosed in July and recently had my first scan and awaiting results. I like you had hoped for an operation to get rid of it but the treatment was much more manageable than expected. It’s normal to get bothered easily and they understand that, it’s a big thing to cope with. Lots of luck with your treatment hopefullily now you will soon be moving forward x

Thanks weepingwillow. So nice to hear from you. So glad you came through, too! It's very reassuring. Xxxx

We all understand how it's a case of the straw that breaks the camels back. I completely smashed an Ikea waste paper bin into smithereens when I was waiting for my PET result last year.

Now you have a plan of action. Chemo radiation is totally doable. Not the Christmas you wanted but there will be a next year with it all behind you.

Karen x 


I know this may sound vain, superficial, stupid but.... 

... after radio and chemo, did you have hair loss? Shall I shave my head? Shall I buy a cold cap? I like my hair. 

If you are having cisplatin, you don’t lose your hair with this .

no need for a shaved head or cold cap.

it may thin a little- mine didn’t.

they give you antI sickens drugs and it’s all totally doable

good luck x

After the staging, and when you're told it's not as simple as a hysterectomy, did you get scared? I thought I'd feel better knowing what's ahead, but I feel scared. 

I also feel sick and tired. Im not at all hungry, but I keep going to the gym. Normal? 

I felt/feel totally terrified. When the consultant said to me he couldn’t operate I thought he had just given me a death sentence mainly because I didn’t realise until getting support on here how effective the radiotherap/chemo is. I felt sick,tired aches where I have never had aches before and the sick feeling was to the pit of my stomach so I think what you are going through we have all felt the same, I think I have read every 2b post on the forum and keep trying to focus on that despite not having the op the treatment intent is to cure just by a different method.  I found complimentary therapy helpful alongside treatment to help a little with the worry x

The surgeons aren't saying they can't operate. What they mean is that there is no.point operating because you will still need the radiation and chemo anyway. The radiation causes more damage if you have had a hysterectomy. I did have a hysterectomy first followed by radiation in 1997. I am.paying the price for that because I now have had to be treated for  a radiation induced tumour which needed horrific treatment. The Drs have learned over time how to improve outcomes. They have picked the safest option for you but please don't imagine a tumour so gross that it's impossible to remove. They are trying to future protect you.

I don't think you will find the treatment as bad as you fear. So please don't be scared. There are huge numbers of very  long term survivors out there. 

Karen x 

I was stage 2b also.  Like you, I was hoping for a hysterectomy, but when they opened me up, the doctor saw it had spread to a lymph node, closed me up w/o the hysterectomy, and it was on to chemo and radiation.  The chemo and radiation are different for everyone.  I was a vegetarian who exercised regulary...and it was hard on me.  But other women say it is not that difficult...some even work all the way through their treatment.  Everyone is different.  But I can tell you that it is doable and will go by fast.  Radiation and chemo are very effective for cervical cancer.  Just rip it off like a band-aid and get it over with!

Thank you, petesdragon and dog walker and everyoneXxx

Gosh you lot are great! I know I'm. Being needy and posting a lot, but the thing is posting is really helping. 

Argghhhhhhh, onwards! Gym and then pet scan! I get to be radioactive woman this evening, so need to think of fun things I can do with that! Ps, I know I'm not allowed near children for 2 hours afterwards - I'm presuming I should boot the cat out, too. I don't want to make the cat glow

I am ( was) a 2b er with a 7 cm tumour and a ‘suspect swelled’ lymph node 

I had 5 rounds of cisplatin ( no hair loss  with this chemo) and 25 rounds of radiotherapy.then 10 days after 18 hours of pulsed rate brachytherapy ( not as horrifying as it sounds , believe me)

you are certainly not radioactive after your radiation- many people came to radiotherapy with their families and children to pick them up after soo don’t know why they told you you can’t be around children for 2 hours(for further info look on the cancer research website and see the info there that confirms this)

itwas totally doable and I did go to the gym for the first 2 weeks of therapy, but the; I got too tired , so did go walking instead, which kept me sane!

do everything they say and take the medication they give you.slather on the creams to protect your skin on your tummy, bum and foof( I used Lyons leaf calendula ointment as it’s organic and a lot more pleasant than the one they gave me at hospital)

you can buy this online- and put it on immediately after radiotherapy for the best protection.

drink loads of water( I drank 3 litres a day to protect my kidneys.

i also started taking a probiotic (acidophilus) before I started my treatment to protect my good bacteria.

i can honestly say I have had a relatively easy time during the treatment and very little after effects now( just a funny tummy if I drink too much!)

i did write a blog on here about my treatment if you want to search for me.

i had a complete result after the treatment and am now 9 months post treatment and feeling great

theyare amazing what they do now .

dont look at survival rates they are at least a decade out of date and vastly improved treatments and results now

good luck and be well xxxx

Radiotherapy definitely doesn’t make you radioactive but a pet scan does - I always have to avoid my toddler for a few hours afterwards. I’m sure it’s just in case though!

Cara xxx