So now I know...


I got told it's stage 2b,  the tumour is about 4cm. I'm going to have radiotherapy every day for 5 1/2 weeks, 5chemo sessions and 3 brachytherapy. It will bring on early menopause and obviously no more children. Hearing about the side effects and possible complications of treatment was really scary. I'm sad and angry that I won't be able to have anymore children, but trying not to focus on that at the mo. Just need to get better.

Got to wait for a ct scan so they can plan radiotherapy.


Had a cystoscopy today (examination of bladder) and now it is painful to wee. I'm unsure whether this is the 'burning' they say is normal?! It's more when it's coming down rather than leaving my body (sorry if tmi) 


I feel like all of the info was way too much to take it. In moments I am fine,then I will cry or get cross which I guess is normal.


Just messaged you but what a hard day for you. Big hugs xxx don't forget we will kick it's ass!

Hi sweetpea, 

I just went through chemo and radiation myself for stage 1b2 cervical cancer. While everyone is different, many of us on this site (including me) have talked about how it was not nearly as bad as expected. I had very few side effects and worked during treatment. And I haven't had any symptoms of menopause yet!

Keep your spirits up, and remember this is treatable! Also, exercise helps with fatigue. 

Good luck! 


Hi Sweet pea :-)

Well that's a relief then isn't it? 2b is less than you feared it might be :-) I was a 2b as well, though my tumour was getting on for twice the size of yours. I had the same treatment as you; 5 chemo, 25 radio and 2 brachy, but I had a hysterectomy as well :-( So, try to be cheerful, it looks as though you are going to get away without a patchwork abdomen :-)

Be lucky :-)



Thanks both!

niki I'd be keen to hear of any hints or tips that got you through it? And you Trivoli! 

OK, my top tips for getting through your three-course banquet of therapies;

  1. Drink liquid aloe vera for radiotherapy
  2. Take anti-sickness pills for chemo (they will be supplied)
  3. Try not to fret too much about the brachy - it's not half as bad as it sounds
  4. Get as much rest as your body wants, don't push yourself to do anything you don't feel up to, you are a hospital patient!

Be lucky :-)



I start my three course banquet on Tuesday so it's good to read Tivoli's Tips for getting through it.  

I've been taking Curcumin tablets (Turmeric) which is supposed to reduce side effects of radiotherapy and have been advised to wear the sea band wristbands for the nausea effect of the Chemotherapy.  I don't know if anyone has tried these methods.  I was also told that Acupuncture is said to make Radiotherapy more effective, has anyone tried this ?


Good luck with the treatment Sweet Pea xxx

Hi all, my name is Leeanne and im 32. i was diagnoised with stage 2B cc with lymph node involvement. I started my treatment on the 27th May and i had my last chemo yesterday and have 2 more external radiotherapy and my 3 internal still to come. Id just like to say throughout my treatment ive come on this forum and read all your comments and ut has helped me thankyou!! I can say luckily that ive gine through my treatment well not suffering to many side affects just have a burning bladder but in the scheme of things its minor and ive just got on as much as i can. I had my MRI scan on wednesday and was told by my consultant today that my nodes and tumour have shrunk,which is brilliant much its shrunk i dont know but its responding and that can only be good. Ive had alot of emotional breakdowns of late....i lost both my parents in the last father from a sudden cardiac arrest last January 19th and this January 4th i lost my mum from a rare soft tissue cancer then of course this has happened to me and i think not having my mum and dad for support has been difficult and of course now i cant have any children. I currently have no childern either but ive stayed positive and im just praying for some more good news to keep coming my way. Anyway thats my story. Again reading how all you brave ladies have gone through and still going through the same thing is so inspiring to me. Thankyou again. Leeanne x

Hi Leeanne
This is a big hug 'specially for you


Aww thankyou Tivolli!! Im abit annxious about my internal treatments next week and there side affects but what ive read on here it seems i have nothing to fear!! Leeanne xx

Hi again Leeanne,

I'm not quite sure why there is so much anxiety about the brachytherapy, probably only because it seems a bit more 'gynaecological' and therefore personal and invasive, but it actually seems to have far fewer side effects than either radio or chemo therapies so try not to worry yourself.

Be lucky :-)

I start my treatment tomorrow, Chemo 1st (Cisplatin) I've been told I won't lose my hair, I'm just praying that's true. I have my 1st radiotherapy session tomorrow too, so have no idea how I'm going to feel after it, I guess there's only one way to find out !  I've got the water bottle ready to rock & roll, as I've been told to drink gallons of the stuff to flush the body.  Has anyone on here tried acupuncture as an alternative therapy ? 

Hi feisty,,

Good luck for tomorrow!  I have my treatment planning meeting tomorrow so hoping to get a start date.

I'm going to be having cisplatin too and was told I wouldn't lose my hair though it may thin.

I'm interested in complimentary therapies too...check my other post :) no one has me tio ed acupuncture but I'd be interested x

Totally missed your post Leeanne!

Thanks for letting us know your experience.  It's helpful to hear people's experiences and know it's not all doom and gloom that we convince ourselves of!

Hi Ladies,

I've had my first treatments today. Absolutely fine and not nearly as scary as I'd imagined.

Feisty 50, drinking lots is good. Be prepared to pee for England!!! Into a jug too so you can measure output!

You'll be fine. Lots of other lovely people there. The gent next to me was happily singing 'teddy bears picnic'. Was tempted to join in!!


Hi Rach,

Thanks,  I'm glad to hear your 1st day's treatment went so well.

I had my 1st chemo and radiotherapy today and likewise, I don't feel any different to when i went in this morning,  I've drunk at least 3 litres of water today, not to mention the fluids they gave me by IV so have been wee'ing for Scotland today lol :-)

I have to say, it was more scary imagining what it was going to be like, than what the actual treatment itself was like.  early days I know but relieved now I know what it entails, I was advised to take the anti sickness meds whether I felt sick or not just to keep any nausea at bay, and wearing my 'Motion Medics' - similar to sea bands on the Nei Guan accupressure points will hopefully help too.

I hope your treatment continues to go so well and you are well on the road to a full recovery, as is my wish for all the Lovely ladies on here.

Sweet Pea, I'm going to pop into the Maggies Centre tomorrow before I go for my Radiotherapy and will ask about the Accupunture then and will get back to you,

Love & Healing thoughts,

Feisty xx