round 2!!!

Hi ladies, been ages since I posted but I had been trying to get on with things after geting finished treatment at end of Jan and being told not scan was all clear! 

However in June I noticed tiny lump like a frozen pea in my right groin. Told the nurse as I was awaiting my 6 month review and got apt for July. This was then put back to end of July for some reason so when I eventually was seen lump had doubled in size and had become painful to touch. First look at it consultant thought it was unlikely to be anything to worry about but as I'd brought it to their attention they would look into it. So had needle aspiration of some cells from lump sent to pathology and pelvic mri...

Results - 1cm lymph node in groin with adenocarcinoma cells. Nothing else seen in pelvis. Next step pet scan which shows 'something' at left side and at tummy button which they are unsure exactly wat is. So last Fri had node removed and yesterday had first session of chemo cisplatin/radio which this time will mean I'll lose my hair but I'm trying not to worry about that aspect at the min. As for the other 'somethings' they will rescan after 4 sessions.

So nothing else for it but to give it my all again and get ready to rock in round 2 xxx

Hello Lynnie - just when you think it's all over, eh? Sorry to hear you'e having to go through chemo again.  Hopefully having the node removed & blasting it with chemo will take care of it this time.  

You're right about the hair, when it happens its not nice, but as you say no point in worrying about that at the moment.  For me, it was the least of my worries and I found it very liberating.  I had a fantastic wig, much better than my own hair, so going out wearing it was never a problem.  Don't let it get you down, concentrate on getting through round 2!

Best wishes.

Hi Lynnie,

Gutted for you X. But as you say round two and lets hope

they blast it away once and for all.

Re-currence was hard for me to get my head round.But I

am here to tell the tale and thats what counts.

All the very best with the treatment.

Take care

Becky x 

Hi Lynnie

So sorry to hear that little git is back! I know that must be really hard.

I'll keep everything crossed for you that the next round sees it off for good.

Sending you lots of love and hope the treatment goes well. Let us know how you get on xxx

thank you girls for your replies.... had first chemo on tue and to be honest feel like i have been hit by a bus! aching all over! but apparently its a side effect that can last for a few days x

hope you feel better soon lynnie. love lea xx

Sorry you feel bad.It's bloody pants :-(

Hopefully the next one won't make you feel as bad.

My cure all is always a hot bath.My water bill

has gone way up since all this started lol!

Thinking of you ((((HUG))))

Becky x

Hi Lynnie, how are you doing now?

Mandy x