2B Adenocarcinoma


I just had my first 3 months post treatment appointment with the consultant and she told me that CT scan is clear but MRI is inconclusive. She said that the results have to do with the type of cancer, i.e. adenocarcinomas react slower to the treatment than squamous cells and it is very common for people with this type of cancer to have inconclusive results in the first appointment as the radiation is still working. I was wondering what is your post treatment experience? especially people that diagnosed with 2B adenocarcinoma.  Did you have a clear MRI in the first post treatment appointment? In general she told me that I had an excellent response to treatment without any significant side effects.


I'm a 2b Adenocarcinoma girl diagnosed in March 2019. 6 weeks treatment that ended in June 2019 first scan in September 2019 was inconclusive but 2nd MRI in December 2019 was the big all clear. I had my last MRI in November in 2020 and that was NED too. So chin up chicken ❤️
I hope this is reassuring for you xxxx

Hi Sbray,

Thanks for sharing your experience, it really cheered me up!



I am a 2B squamous cell girl so slightly different but just wanted to let you know that at my 3 month post treatment review my scan was inconclusive too and was advised by my doctor and also lots of ladies on here that sometimes 3 months is just too soon and in fact some hospitals wait 6 months to rescan. I had another scan this month...6 months post treatment and the area they were unsure about had cleared and they were happy that i was cancer free!

The waiting between scans can be awful but do not give up hope.


Hi, I was 2b adenocarcinoma too. I had 11 chemo, 25 radio and 2 brachy.  My hospital didn't scan until 6 months post treatment for the reasons already mentioned above - at 3 months still showing scar tissue/treatment still working etc. 6month MRI showed no evidence of disease and follow up scan 3 months after that was the same. I'm now 18 months post treatment and all good apart from a little bit of radiation proctitis and some slight urinary leakage but nothing unbearable.