Adenocarcinoma - how long before ned?

Hi relatively new here - brief background: diagnosed 2b adenocarcinoma may 15. Treatment (25 radiotherapy, 5 chemo & 3 brachytherapy) completed Aug 15. Been for first 3 month check and pet/Mri show shrinkage.
Just wondering if anyone else had “slow” progress. Doctor doesn’t seem phased and said this type can take time to shift.
I suppose I’m now impatient!

Any reassurance gratefully welcome!

Hi :-)

Sorry I can't be a huge amount of help here except to tell you that I too was a 2b adenocarcinoma 4 years ago and that if your doctor doesn't seem phased then neither should you be. He's seen a hell of a lot more cancers than you have :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi. Just joined as i know how worrying this can be and had to reply to you. I too was diagnoised with 2b adenocarcinoma of the cervix in February of this year. I had 28 fractions of radiotherapy, 4 chemo (should have been 5 but was allergic to it) and 4 brachytherapy.   I went back for my first checkup 2 months later.   Still sign of tumor.   Went back again a month later and had an MRI scan in between.   Only small part of tumor in situ.   Went back 2 months after that and was examined and told no sign of residual cancer.   In all it took 5 months after i finished my treatment on 30th june this year to get the result i longed for.   Keep your chin up I'm sure you'll get the results you long for.   The treatment works long after it finishes i was told.   I go back in Feb and PET scan will be scheduled for March.   Fingers crosses all goes well then.


Hi. How are you getting on?   


Eileen. X