Just spent a couple of hours reminding myself of when I got diagnosed, and the people who were being treated and were posting around that time. Still shocks me when I read midnightsky 26, mercomerco 21 katie79 31 cheeky charlieĀ  all so ery young to have passed, all so active on the forum, we all got to know them so well, so very sad. I wonder how many from around that time still post on here or just check in to read posts? I know Tivoli, who is now a stalwart of the site was around at that time, but any more? would love to hear from you.

Hi Katie,

Yes, some pass, and some move on with their lives and don't look back. I went along to Let's Meet on Saturday and was surprised to find that there were no familiar names. I suppose those of us who use the forum get suckered into thinking that the forum is all of Jos, but it's only the tip of the iceberg, there are loads and loads more women out there who never post a word. Perhaps you should come along next year and join in the fun :-)

Be lucky :-)