2 years clear

Hello everyone,

just thought I’d post some good news as I was so desperately trying to find positive stories when I was first diagnosed. I’ve recently had my 2 year check up and MRI and all is still well!I was diagnosed July 2015 with 1b1 adenocarcinoma and had a large cone biopsy and lymph nodes removed. This was a new approach to surgery type of my cancer stage, but the doctors were confident it was safe not to go overboard with treatment and so I went along with it.

The interesting thing that I was told at my last appointment is that after a review hospital decided that there was no benefit in taking smears from patients as often as they have done (I had 3 montly ones) and they will now only do them at 6,12,18 months for new patients.

So my next one will only be in a year from now, otherwise it’s visual examinations only, which I think is nice, as it saves me waiting and worrying  about smear results.

I can’t say thay the journey has been easy-I have developed anxiety and health anxiety, and have finally decided to seek councelling, but I am happy and lucky to share this good news with anyone that is looking for some reassurance..

Be well!

xx Anna


Congratulations on two years Anna ! Smile

That is great news. :-) Glad to hear from someone who is 2 years.

Great news Anna. Thanks for sharing and giving hope to those at the start of their journey.

Fantastic news xxx 

Great news!