1 week post hysterectomy - advice

i had total hysterectomy - keyhole surgery- 1 week ago today for stage 1 adenocarcinoma

ive had severe shoulder pain since the op which i was told was referred pain from all the gas - but this is not going away at all and I wondered if anyone else experienced this and how long it took to subside? I've had bowel movements every day but the trapped wind isn't really shifting and I feel like a balloon about to burst

ive also had a lot of headaches - anyone else experienced this?


Hi Nanch

Sorry to hear of your pain.  I had severe trapped wind pain but not in my shoulder.  I drank masses of peppermint tea to shift it which did the trick after a day or two.  Give it a try and if it doesnt work give your nurse a ring for advice.

Fingers crossed it clears very soon.



Hi Nanch,

Really sorry to hear you are suffering this one, it's really not nice. Walking, walking and more walking. Up steps forwards, down steps backwards. Mine took something like two weeks to shift but eventually it will. Have another word with your doc and ask if Senokot will work in your circumstances.

Be lucky



I had key hole surgery for radical hysterectomy on 5th may so 1 week and 1 day now, I've also had really bad headaches, anaesthetist told me I could get them from the spinal so if you had a spinal that could be the reason, I've also had the awful shoulder pain! Mine has now turned to shooting pains up my bum though.

Hope your feeling a bit better now x