post op wind:(

Hi Ladies

I hope everyone is enjoyin the festive season best they can:)

I am 6 days post keyhole op and whilst it wasn't a walk in the park i am relieved its over and my recovery can begin i hope. (results 10.1.13)

I have not seen it mentioned on here but most of my discomfort has been trapped wind!!

Anyone got any advice how to get rid of it please?? Have tried peppermint tea, wind eze and generally moving around but its starting to me down as otherwise i think my pain is minimal and seem to be doing ok.

Ifeel a bit tearful for silly things like my kids and hubby made a superb effort on xmas dinner and i took one look at it and thought no way can i eat it:( Had a few tears then tried a little. Felt so ungrateful! 

Probs wasn't that really and i do feel a bit fragile and its so not like me. If 1 more person says its just my hormones !(Iknow it is but its not helpful to tell  me lol!)

Onwards and upwards  - well am trying  my best!

Anyone waiting for op in new year i can honestly say don't worry bout it op was the easy bit(i had a snooze! lol)

Iwish i had given more thought to post op and how i would feel. When your a coper you just assume you will be fine!

Sorry for goin on think am just feeling a bit sorry for myself tonight

Best wishes to all




Hi Kath

Happy Christmas!

I am sending big hugs your way :o)  Trapped wind pain is agonising so I really sympathise with you.  Unfortunately I don't have any helpful tips other than what you have already suggested - I had loads of peppermint tea after my op but it still hurt.  I would however recommend lots of fibre because I got quite constipated afterwards which caused even more pain.  Good luck... hope it gets better soon.

I just wanted to reassure you that you've got through the hardest part now and it should get better and better hereon in.  You've done amazingly well and should be really proud!  Having a hysterectomy really takes it out of you and what you are feeling is completely normal.  I'm still shattered both physically and emotionally after 3 months so don't necessarily expect a speedy recovery.  Everyone is different but I have seen an improvement week on week and have been back at work for a few weeks now (more in body than in mind but I am there!).  I have two children and am used to rushing around and getting on with things so I found it very hard and frustrating to feel so drained.  Take time to recover, pamper yourself and fill your life with everything that you love and enjoy.  You will get there, take it easy and hope you enjoy the Christmas break.

I wish you well with your recovery.

Take care

Kirsty xxx