Worried after checkup

Hi everyone,

I’ve just had my second 3-monthly checkup after being NED at my end-of-treatment scan, and I don’t feel massively reassured :pensive:

I was seen by my consultant’s registrar, who hasn’t examined me before. I explained to him that I’ve been using my dilators at least twice a week since treatment, but over the last few weeks, I’ve had some spotting afterwards, and I also feel like there are some sore, almost raw feeling spots inside of me. He said that he couldn’t see or feel anything obviously concerning, but I was bleeding slightly when he examined me (I used my dilators this morning). What worried me most was that he said, ‘hopefully it’s just radiation damage.’ Hopefully!!! I know it seems silly, but I can’t help interpreting that as him being unsure.

He said they’ll see me in another 3 months. Would he be referring me for a scan or getting my consultant involved if he was worried? Has anyone else experienced bleeding and soreness during internal examinations?

Thanks xx


I have a similar scare and experience. The blood on dilator and spotting afterwards is not new to me. So I always have considered it as normal as everything down there is still healing and I also feel the “raw patch” when using the dilators and was advised it’s due to scars breaking down as we stretch it. What scared me before my 6th month post treatment check up was I had some spotting 2 days after using the dilators which I don’t usually have so I got myself so worried. However, 5 days ago I had my internal check up and the oncologist was not worried at all and said everything looked good aside from the tissues looking really thin hence the possible bleeding on contact when I use dilators. But of course told me to keep an eye on it in case it happens again. Maybe this is the same thing happening to you? I know it’s not easy not to worry as I was so scared myself. But if they suspect something is wrong for sure they will refer you for a scan. Sending you much love. Xx

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Thanks so much for your response @May17!

It’s good to know someone else has been through something similar. My logical brain is saying, ‘of course they would send you for a scan if they were worried,’ but my monkey brain has read into every little thing that was said and is setting off alarm bells.

I’ll try to relax a bit now :grimacing: Lots of love back x


I am sure if they were worried they would scan you they would not leave you for 3 months. I finished treatment in Sep 21 and ive never had an internal check up only MRI scans. It is strange how some do internals and some do scans you’d think it would be the same across the board. Im in Scotland maybe that’s why.
Anyway enjoy your positive check up you can breathe again!!
Take care xx

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Thanks @AMF. It is strange how things are so different! I wonder if it’s a money issue :woman_shrugging: I think I’d feel better if I was having MRIs. I feel like they missed my recurrence initially because I didn’t receive scans after my trachelectomy. My hospital says it isn’t their usual follow-up, though. Tempted to push for one anyway xx