Hi ladies hope everyone is doing ok. ok so il start from the beginnin...On Saturday I started on the next size up on the dialators it was the one after the smallest one and when I took it out it had a tiny bit of blood on the top (so I went the toilet and wiped and no more blood)any way I no it can happen Because of scar tissue so I tried not to panic anyway I ended up texting my nurse on Monday just for reassurance anyway she assured me it was. Then today when I got up after my morning wee I noticed on the tissue a very small (smaller than 5p coin) bit of very light pink am not sure if it was blood but am thinking it must be because what else could it be? And I havent dialated since the Saturday so now I am panicking and I do intend to ring my nurse today. I just hate that now I've completly turned into a hypocondriact. So was just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar so would be grateful for a reply. Thank you ladies 

take care 



Hi Mrs no experience with this as you know but just to reassure you you aren't the only hypocondriact :). If just light pink I wouldn't be too worried but always best to speak to the nurse. Xx

Hi Charlene haha glad am not the only 1 then haha! I've spoke to my nurse this morning she doesn't seem to concerned but said she would speak to my oncologist and get in touch with me if needed. hope your ok Hunni xx

Hi Dominique

Don’t panic, this is really common and nearly always normal! After radiation the blood vessels get damaged and break easily hence the bleeding, especially if you’ve moved up a size.

I only had brachy and all was ok but I had bleeding after sex and dilator in the summer, and quite a lot! Obviously panicked and felt sick as it’s 18 months since my treatment. I went back to see my consultant early, he wasn’t too concerned and I’m back to see him tomorrow just to double check but he thinks it’s just radiation damage.

I googled LOADS when it happened and everything suggested it’s quite normal and is to be expected at first but can also happen years later too!

So try not too worry (easier said than done, I know!).

Love Ali x

Thank you so much Ali its all a worry isn't it. Let us know how you get on hunnI. Good luck. 

Take care 



Just to say, and I hope it isn't the wrong thing to say, but you lot are all making me really glad I've completely lost my sex drive and I don't have to put anything in there any more. Nuthin!


Have fun!


Haha tivoli I have no sex drive whatsoever I'm very glad ive got such a understanding bf were both 28 so I know I should make more of an effort but I just haven't got it in me at the minute! If I'm panicking spotting over dialotors I dread to think what I would be like after sex! Xx

Tivoli, that made me laugh out load!!

I was lucky, my sex drive just wasn’t affected by everything and not having periods helps that! I’ve still got my ovaries so maybe that helps? X


Hi Dominique,


Hypochondriac !! I have the t-shirt, I have my own chair at the doctors surgery, AMU and oncology room.  Oh how cancer changes you, I hadnt been to the doctors for over 8 years prior to this.  My new theory is in doubt get it checked out and so far everyone has been really good and I have not been made to feel like a hypochondriac (it’s all in my head)!


The dreaded dilators, to start with I had exactly the same problems as you blood on the top and after wiping, in fact I still do 15 months down the line.  I found a couple of things that helped - plenty of KY Jelly, using the dilators every other day religiously (it’s just what I do now in my routine like brushing my teeth) and on the alternate days when I don’t use the dilators I use Replens available from your GP.  I look at it as keeping my vagina healthy and in good condition.


But.....please, please, please if in any doubt contact your CNS, GP or Oncologist.


Take care, enormous hugs.


Mandy xxx



Thank you Mandy! I feel like im being a right pain in the bum at times but its just to scary to ignore these little things incase they turn out to be not so little! thanks for the tips about the dialators I may start using them more to. Thanks Hunni.

take care 



Me to Tivoli, i lost my sex drive to after my surgery, glad i'm not the only one, the thought of anything going up there, no thanks lol xx

Hi ladies Just a suggestion I used to use dilator regularly, now 4.5 yrs down line i rarely use only to check I,m still ok just before my check up. My lifesaver ,and it stopped the pink bit is replens, I use regularly and it has been brilliant. I get it on prescription.

Hope this helps.