Worried about symptoms

Hi all,


I know I am probably worrying about nothing however I am a natually born worrier.

I havent have a smear in 3 years due to me ignoring letters ( I know this was stupid!) however I had become so tired and fed up with being prodded and poked due to every single one coming back borderline abnormal or inconclusive and having to repeat every 3 month for nearly 2 years with no new answers or what exactly was wrong.

For the last few months I have been getting pain in my pelvis, sometimes sharp, and a dull ache in my lower back that comes and goes. I normally have  regular periods albeit heavy but that is normal for me. This being said for the last few months I have been spotting inbetween by periods and bleeding during sex. Im also feeling discomfort during sex. I feel nasuous most days and tired.

I am not pregnant for sure so I can rule that out.

I have my smear booked in for next week but really starting to worry.


Has anyone else experienced this?