Worried about results of colposcopy

I had my colposcopy on 19/11/15 and was told that they were marking the punch biopsies they took as urgent and that I would need to attend an appointment with the consultant on 25/11/15. My understanding is that results usually take 4-6 weeks so the fact they are rushing mine through in under a week has made me anxious they already suspect it is serious. In addition I had really heavy bleeding the day after the colposcopy and had to return to the clinic for them to give me diathermy treatment to stop the bleeding.
I’m now worrying that it’s going to be really bad news and I am having trouble thinking about anything else at the moment.
Historically all my smears have been clear, the last being January 2014. I was referred to the women’s health unit by my GP due to bleeding following sex which has only been happening since September 2015.
I guess I’m just wondering (hoping) that someone reading this may have had a similar experience with an ok outcome?
Thanks for reading

Sorry no-one was able to respond to you on here. I hope your appointment went OK. It's a really good sign that all your previous smears were clear. Sending hugs and hoping everything is OK xxx

Hi JoJo thanks for you reply,

My results came back as cancer, and I have been provisionally staged at 1b2, pending results of EUA and MRI.

Radical hysterectomy booked for 6th January.

i believe due to all my smears being up to date and normal there will now be an audit to see if anything was missed.

i'm experiencing the full range of emotions at the moment, but am mostly glad it has been found and I'm now on the way to hopefully being cancer free!

thanks again for replying