Post Colposcopy/Biopsy Results

Hi everyone,

I had my second routine smear test in march 2016 which came back as severe abnormalities (high grade) and I was booked in for a Colposcopy at the hospital. The appointment letter also said that I was likely to need treatment. I did try to rearrange the apt as my husband is in the Army and was away at the time, however, the hospital said I needed to be seen by a certain time (within 2 weeks) so I kept the appt.

I had my Colposcopy done the first week in May and the nurse talked me through my smear results. She said the abnormality that I had was the cells were growing too quickly. (I don’t know how serious that it) but as predicted I had to have LLTEZ treatment there and then.

It wasn’t too bad, a little uncomfortable but it was over and done with after 15 minutes. I also had a biopsy taken.

I have been waiting 12 days now for the biopsy results and I am worrying myself silly. It seems to have been very rushed since having the results of my smear and I’m naturally thinking the worst.

I also have experienced abnormal bleeding and cramping mid cycle over the last few months which I mentioned to the nurse before she did the smear in march.

Can anyone shed a little light on how long I may be waiting on the results or if anyone has had the same experience as me? I have read so much online about what I have had done and it nearly always leads to a cancer diagnosis.

Thanks for reading xxxxx

Hi jesshun88 I'm currently on my 5th week of waiting for my biopsy result :( the waiting Is the worse part. This too was my 2nd smear I was booked in a week after my results from my smear came back I was terrified they didn't tell me much just that I had severe abnormalities. I really hope your results come through soon for you I'm slowly driving myself insane and stalking my poor postman lol xx

Thanks for writing,

Haha I dread the post arriving and seeing that Nhs envelope. I can't believe it takes so long, these 12 days have dragged so i can only imagine how you've been feeling! 

Did you have any treatment done as well? Xx


The waiting really is the hardest , I'm just starting week 2 & the anxiety keeps getting worse!

I was told my biopsy was in an urgent 2 week turnarond so mixed feelings , every day that passes I think no news is good news but then on the flip side I just want to hear something.

lets hope we all hear good news soon!

Melanie x

Hi Melanie,

I dont even remember the waiting game for my smear results and they didnt come through for 4 weeks. It is the "what ifs" and "why not me" its silly worrying before you even know but its also impossible not to worry!

Everyone that tells me you'll hear quicker if its something to worry about is the most annoying thing because the doctors and nurses have all said that it will take between 2-4 weeks sometimes longer for the results no matter what they show...

I hope we all have good news soon too

Jess xx

Jesshun88 I had lletz too I was terrified of this but it was nothing like imagined at all absoloutly fine just the needle and the shaking from the adrenaline that made it feel a bit odd lol. Iv rang the hospital twice and they said they are still waiting for something to come back and they are going to chase it up I hope you ladies find out soon! Xx

Ashley29 I hope you get your results soon then, it is a worry, you just can't help but think the worst!

hopefully the waiting game will be over soon

take care xx