Why can I not get rid of HR HPV

Good Afternoon

I have had 3 HPV positive screenings and I am waiting for a colposcopy 3rd June. I am really worried as I am 63. Will I ever get rid of it? 
I feel very anxious as if it wasn't important I wouldn't be going during Covid-19.

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Hello Caz

I'm glad you managed to post on the forum - this is Jane Austen fan from the MacMillan website! I hope others on this site come forward soon! I won't repeat what I posted on the MacMillan forum other than saying if you look at my history the lletz treatment I had in September meant that my HPV became dormant. I'm hoping that at get the same result at my next check up in June.

There are lots of ladies on here with the same worries.

Take care


My HPV went dormant for ten years before it came raging back two years ago. Many people's go formant forever. That said, HPV 16 in particular has a way of hijacking cells and making the virus "hide" from your immune system. This is why some people  whose bodies don't fight it off pretty quickly end up with persistent infection and issues.  Data is on your side though. Most people fight off the HPV in two years and move on with life.

Hi LaurieBeth

Although I was diagnosed with HPV in September 2019 I wasn't told which strain. In the UK they have only recently introduced HPV first testing so although it may have been in my system for decades I was unaware it was there. I had never had an abnormal pap before so it came as a massive shock to me. At my last check up in December it had gone and I have another check up on June 2nd. In September there was CIN3 in my pap but in the lletz there were only mild changes - so CIN 1 I assume so I am something of a medical mystery. I am a teacher and schools are starting back here on June 1st but I won't be there on the 2nd as I will be at the hospital. I feel stressed that it's all coinciding in the same week! Am trying to hang on in there!


LaurieBeth I hope you are feeling better and continuing to heal. Sending hugs!


Hi Caz

it seems it is down to whether or not one's immune system can clear the virus.  There is evidence that smoking increases the risk for cervical cancer as it impairs the immune system.  So if you are a smoker it is important to quit.

Have you had any treatment for cell abnormalities?


Thank you for your replies. I will look at making sure I stay healthy. I have never smoked and eat healthily. I am also a keen walker and have a very active lifestyle. 

I have had no treatment. My 1st colposcopy will be 3rd June. My anxiety over this comes in waves. 
Thank you for your support and I will keep you updated.

Take care ladies and stay safe x

Thank you for your support and ope all goes well at your next appointment x

Thank you for your message. I'm shocked there is no way to help you fight HR HPV. 
I think it's a combination of the current Covid 19 situation and the colposcopy that's made me so anxious.

Take care x

Hi again Caz

Just to reassure you the staff at the colposcopy clinic were lovely and kind and reassuring. They will understand your worries. You may find it useful to write down any questions you have to take with you to ask on the day. Jo's helpline is also really good if you need someone to talk to in person. It is normal to feel anxious but you will probably feel better once that first appointment is out of the way. Sending you virtual hugs!


Hi Caz19 I I too have persistent HPV and am awaiting a colposcopy. 

Can you let me know if they tell you at your appointment if there is any way of helping get rid of it? 

Good luck x