Very painful smear test and tear

I had my first cervical screening yesterday. I understand that it can be uncomfortable but It was so painful I cried. I have never felt so much pain and I have been told on many occasions during sports injuries etc that I have a high pain threshold. I am a virgin so understand that this can make things a little tighter. The nurse was lovely and commented that everything was really relaxed and in her words 'I let her in quite easily'. She did mention that my cervix was quite far back. I would just like some advice on whether this is normal or whether anything can be done in the future. There is no way I could go through that again. I was literally in agony. I also have a tear which was caused by this and bled alot. It is still quite sore too. I'm just a bit concerned so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Hiya, They normally don't do smear tests on virgins, or at least that's what I thought. You should have gone and spoken to the nurse before they attempted anything. Smear tests are only painful if you are nervous usually as all your muscles down there clench up so they find it hard to insert anything. It is advisable that you go for your smears in the future as they are very important. When I go for mine I usually imagine somewhere where I can relax, usually the beach and being without someone who makes me feel happy and that does the trick for me. Smears aren't nice full stop but they are a necessary evil im afraid. hope that I have been some help to you :)

yHello Cla1re,

I am horrified at your post. I was in the same boat as you till last year and I am in my late 30s. The risks of cancer in virgins are very low and you should not have been tested. I had been offered the test numerous times in the UK but always declined because of virginity. Some doctors had been more professional than others. You also have the right to be taken off the list on these grounds by your GP. Anyway, this is disgraceful that this happened to you. Any GP or nurse should have informed you about these very low risks. As I come from a country outside the UK, women do not even get vaginally examined unless there is a serious health problem. Any vaginal exmaninations or smear tests are recommended within one year after becoming sexually active in Eastern Europe. I know these for a fact as my sister is a medical doctor and in the past I have been a medical emergency with repeated gynecological problems. Being seen by several doctor everone perfectly respected the fact that I was a virgin and examined me alternatively (Eastern Europe again!). What happened to you is medically unethical!!! What you should have been told as well is that smear tests are optional and you have the right to opt out in the UK. ALternatively, you can make a complaint to the NHS about this incident on Please do report them, do not let them get away with this. I am very sorry that this happened to you.


They knew I had never been sexually active. Although the risk of cervical cancer is very small there is still a small possibility and as my friend has had it I wanted to be safe. The nurse was so lovely. I cant say she did anything wrong. It just really really hurt and everyone I have spoken to has said that it shouldnt. I think im going to check with my doctor just to make sure everything is ok.

Hello Cla1re, I do not think tha there is anything wrong with you. The reason it hurt is that you had never been sexually active. Women are just tight down there. When I remember my first time with my boyfriend it did hurt as well once he got futher in, to the point that I actually screamed with pain. I did not want to continue because of pain and discomfort. And the day after I was sore inside. 

Anyway, I would still make a written complaint ot he surgery detailing your experience. You should have had the potential of pain and bad discomfrt explained to you.  Also you have the right to stop any medical prcedure at any point if it is too much too you. This is unacceptable. Now what might happen is that it will put you off further screening...

You write that the risk of cervical cancer is still small for you, however, it is only about 1% life chance of getting this type of cancer. Other types of cancer are far more common and the risks are higher. So are the chances of getting other diseases developing. I suggest that you do some research online to see what the pros and cons are of cancer screening are.