Using humour to raise awareness about smear tests

Hi Ladies

Much to my regret I avoided smear tests from the age of 50y only to end up with a diagnosis of stage 2 cervical cancer age 60y (see my back story)

Since my diagnosis I continue do a lot of awareness raising about the importance of smear tests and am always wondering how to encourage others who, like myself, are reluctant to get tested.

The following link is an extract from an episode of Absolutely Fabulous which I couldn’t resist sharing - laughter can be a powerful thing and if it encourages just one reluctant woman to get tested all the better:



Lol, just watched the video. I think it’s great your spreading awareness, it so important! I had my first smear at 18 then was pretty good with smears for awhile after that and never had a abnormal one , then I waited almost 6 years in between the last one and I was diagnosed at 33 with a near 6cm tumor & microscopic lymph node so stage 3. Not a day goes bye that I don’t regret not going in for a smear those years, awareness is truly important