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My Story

I recently booked into my doctors for a smear test May 2015. I was so nervous and felt embarrassed sat there in the waiting room, tapping my foot and debating weather to leave and just remake a new appointment when I felt more calmer  "Joanne ...." To late the doctor had called my name .

Awkward  .... not really to be honest she made me feel comfortable, i could see in her face she wanted it over and done with as much as me . I was literally laying there while she was taking the smear thinking " Please don't fart, please don't fart" . It took all of a few minutes and it was over . on leaving she told me they would be in touch if needs be .

I left feeling happy I had gone and relieved it was all over and done with for a few years, life carried on as normal :)

Well that's what I thought until .... a few days later I had several missed calls from my husband  (my rock ) finally answering his call he told me  the doctors had been  trying to contact me about my smear test and they needed to speak to me asap. To be honest i cant recall what he said after this , everything seemed to go silent my world went blank ...and the tears quietly rolled down my face.

I spoke with my doctor, I was to go to the hospital as my results were not good . I agreed without asking questions and awaited an appointment , she later called me back that day with an appointment for a Colposcopy.

....what wasn't good? i dieing ? I even spoke to my husband on what he should do if i was seriously ill life seemed to be flashing in front of me .

The day arrived ( we were both as nervous as each other even thou he tried to hide it and be strong for me ) . I seen the specialist alone for the Colposcopy , at this point I just wanted it over and done with I needed to know . He examined me and straight away had a visual on high abnormalitles CIN3. We disgusted treatment and i was booked into hosp a few days later for a LEEP an biopsy

Back to the hospital they gave me some numbing in the cervix and took away the abnormalities. I was awake for the whole procedure and felt calm and relaxed although a little uncomfortable. After the procedure I had to wait two weeks for my results , he would personally telephone call me 

Those two weeks felt like a life time -

4.30pm he said he would call ...and its 4.32pm still no call ....I was pacing the house up and down . My husband had finished work early to be there for me when I got the call , even he couldn't settle my nerves. 4.45pm and still no call ... then 4.57 my phone rang for a split second I froze I couldn't take the call . I snapped out of it ...what was I playing at I had to take this call I had to find out. I was in a whirlpool these last few weeks and I needed to know either way.

As he had suspected I did have CIN3 severe high grade level , as of there is no cervical cancer from the biopsy. I now have to be examined at the hospital every 6 month. My hormones are still everywhere and i've totally bloated since the biopsy , coming into my 3rd week since and I still don't feel 100%  but am getting there. I've managed to start back exercise and back onto my bike.

 And whatever happens in the future I am ready to take head on !!! 

Why was I so nervous on my first doctors appointment for my smear , if I hadn't have gone that day ...this could have been a whole lot different   " My Story"

Ladies don't delay ...Call and make an appointment 

Always treat people the way you want to be treated ....remember you don't always know there story 

God Bless 

jojo xxx

JoJo this is a great post. Thank you for sharing. Following an abnormal smear and the discovery of HPV and high grade dyskariosis I have recently had a colposcopy and punch biopsies and am awaiting the results.  Since I started on this journey, I have not stopped banging on to every female I know about the importance of having a smear test and making sure they are up to date. The way I look at it now is that it is designed to find anormalities, that's the whole point!!! I'm so glad to hear you're feeling a bit beter, and I too am a great 'bring it on' whatever happens I'm ready kind of a person.  Good luck and again, thanks for writing such a fab post.


Jojo I feel like this story is written about me! You've somehow managed to make an incredibly scary experience make me chuckle. I remember at my smear the only thing I could think about was not farting! The thought of abnormal results hadn't even crossed my mind. Funny how things change. I had all the same thoughts and feelings as you and would stare at the door every morning until 12:30 when the post arrived. I'm glad to hear you're now at 6 monthly checkups. I'm hoping that'll be me soon! Xxx