treatment starts tomorrow!

That's me all packed ready to go start my 6 weeks of chemo and radio in the morn! Planning to come home more often in first few weeks if I'm up to it as will be 2 hrs away from home so don't fancy travelling each day! Bit nervous as have no idea what to expect but just glad to be starting to get it over and done with, then fingers crossed I can get on with life! Roll on 2014 I say! X

Just read your post and thought I would comment to say...Good luck with your treatment hope it all goes well for you :) I have not been through anything yet, got diagnosed just over a week ago and told there and then that I will probably need a hysterectomy and maybe chemo so will be keeping an eye out for your posts and hopefully they will help me glknow what to expect abit more.

takecare x rach xx

Good luck hun for today, I’ve hardly slept a bloody wink thinking about my appointment …xx

Best of luck for today. Keep strong you can do it :) xx 

Good luck xx

I just wanted to say all the best!!! I have my first follow-up appointment after radical hysterectomy tomorrow!


Just checking in to see how u are gettinv on with your treatment.  3 weeks in, has it been as bad as you expected? Or ok? 

All the best over the next few weeks. Much love xxx