Treatment options - next stage

I was diagnosed with stage 1a1 adenocarcinoma in :Dec. I had LLETZ which confirmed clear margins.

I have met with my consultant today who has basically given me the option of either regular 6 month check ups or going ahead with a hysterectomy.

I am single, 36 with no children. The consultant did tell me that they would normally go ahead with a hysterectomy but as I have not had children they wanted to give me the option.

I really dont know what option to go with. I am worried that I will be anxious every 6 months wondering if the cancer has returned.

Hi Katie,

I’m in a very similar position to you, diagnosed with stage 1a1 and following an LLETZ procedure was told it came back clear. I’m 30 years old currently undergoing IVF treatment at the same time so was not offered hysterectomy but rather a follow up smear in 6 months time. I felt such a relief when I was initially told the cancer was ‘gone’ but now I’ve had some time to reflect I’m concerned I’m going to constantly worry about whether it is coming back or not, as the clear results doesn’t necessarily mean all the abnormal cells are removed? But I’m also not at a place where I would consider hysterectomy (yet).

It’s incredibly frustrating and apologies I don’t really have any advice to give but just wanted to share so you know you’re not alone in this position!