Hysterectomy no children

Hi all
I was diagnosed with stage 1a1 cervical adenocarcinoma. I had a cone biopsy which showed no residual cancer.
I recently had a follow up appointment where they discussed future plans with me. They have given me the option of hysterectomy or monitoring 6 monthly for 10 years.
They would advise hysterectomy but it is such a hard decision as i have not had children and i am 35 and single.
Part of me thinks that waiting every 6 months to know if it has come back will cause me so much anxiety

I would honestly wait to do a hysterectomy. Its a major decision that also has risks. You need hormones for bone and body health and that too comes with challanges. I opted not to get a hysterectomy and a girlfriend did. She regrets her decision because he now has to take HRT. There is also the option of egg freezing and surrogacy but it is very costly.

I would seek a second opinion aa part of the decision making process. You are entitled to one.