To Pee or not to Pee...That is my question!

I finished treatment last October and have been in remission since February. During treatment I didn’t have many issues apart from loose bowels which calmed down and nausea. The last few days I have noticed that when I finish peeing and stand up a trickle of urine comes out. Does anybody else have or have had this problem? I had Stage 2b and treatment consisted of 5 session s of chemotherapy, 6 weeks of radiotherapy and 3 sessions of brachytherapy.

yep-i have this too-i had my last treatment on 3rd jan 2018 and ive notices this trickle too. to be honest i think its pelvic floor and im improving with exercise xx


Not sure how old you are, but nearly every woman over the age of 45 has this problem.  It may have nothing to do with cancer treatment.  If it persists, I know there are treatments available.

Hello Mousehouse, thanks for replying.  The radiotherapy damaged the nerves in the pelvic area and I am seeing a Physiotherapist.  She said that every girl from the age of 11 should be doing pelvic exercises!  I didn't have the problem then so I have not mentioned the issue and the exercise I am doing is holding my pee half way through which most of the time works☺  Is there anything else that you can recommend?  Thanks!