In remission

Hi Ladies.
Hope you are all ok?
Im just after some info from anyone who has a similar story to mine.
I had Stage 3C1 last year,finished treatment August 2022, i seem to have been very lucky with not having really bad side effects from treatment👍🏻 The mental side was alot harder for me.
Anyway,the past week or 2 i have been needing to pee alot more and even feeling i need to be but very little comes out (sorry too much info🙈)
I first thought it could be a UTI so got antibiotics for 3 days,they havent helped so i have different ones to try which i just started today. I will obv have to wait to see if they work and what comes back from my urine sample but im worried the cancer has came back.
I would appreciate any advice/help and to hear of anyone else going through similar things.

Many Thanks


I am so glad to hear you are in remission :slight_smile: My oncologist told me that having to pee a lot can be a side effect from the radiation. Side effects can show up months or even years after treatment. I had the same issue, and it turned out to be from radiation. Try not to worry to much just yet. I know it’s easier said than done.

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If it comes back that you’re clear of a uti , it’s most likely radiation cystitis. I got that from the radiation & see a urologist. Make sure to stick to just water to tame things.

Thank you so much for your reply.
I did realise you can get symptoms months or years after treatment finishes but i guess when i had it fairly easy during and after treatment,i feared the worst when i started feeling poorly now.