Test of cure after LLETZ results

Hi all,
So last year after having my first child I decided to have that smear that I kept ignoring (never again!). This was August last year.
Results came back with high risk HPV and severe cell changes. I went for my colposcopy which revealed that it might not be so bad after all (CIN1), but due to the different results between smear and colposcopy, they advised me to do a LLETZ. The samples/biopsy after LLETZ showed that they were indeed high-grade but it looked like they got rid of them all. (Very sorry I don’t have that letter with me so can’t give you the exact medical terms they used).

Fast forward to this month, I just had a smear for test of cure. The results just came back, and I am HPV negative. Apologies if these questions sound ignorant but…

  1. Should I really trust this result? I haven’t been the healthiest person since I have gone back to work and I am unsure how I cleared it so quickly.
  2. How do I know there are no abnormal cells left? Is it safe to assume I am safe now I don’t have HPV? The internet is so vague… I feel like they should have checked for this rather than stopping after detecting no HPV.
    Would you suggest I double check privately ?

I will speak to the nurse about it but I thought someone here might have some explanation/reassurance.

Thank you :blush:

Hi @SophieHTK

Many of us have or will ask ourselves atleast one of these questions so dont worry :slight_smile:

  1. You can trust a HPV negative result at your TOC, its unknown how but for alot of people the LLETZ treatment can kick start the immune system and it certainly is possible to ‘clear’ it without actually living healthy, its just a recommendation since the immune system is the only thing known to make it dormant (my mother smoked and still ‘cleared’ the virus which is supposed to help it linger for alot longer than it should)

  2. You can be sure the abnormalities are gone and while the virus is dormant you are safe from developing abnormal cells of concern, when they did the LLETZ if there were any cells left behind there wouldnt have been clear margins and you would have been offered more treatment when you got the results instead of letting you know you needed a TOC within 6 months, any high grade cells wouldnt be left behind for 6 months as it would be unethical

To put your mind at ease you could always do a home HPV test, but bare in mind even if that came back positive it doesnt mean the NHS one was wrong they are one of the most accurate HPV can come in and out of dormancy, but while you are negative for HPV it may be unnecessary to have a private smear x

@Tinkerbelle29 thank you so much for your response, I’m very grateful you took the time to clarify all this and put my mind at ease :blush: