Symptoms, am I just being silly?

Hi everyone,

I had a smear test 4 years ago which showed CIN3 changes, I had the lletz treatment, went back 6 months later for a check and still had borderline changes. That was January 2015.

They told me I had to wait 3 years for my next smear which I thought you were checked every year for 3 years but hey ho I have waited. 

I have birth to my son at the start of March, had the normal bleeding and my period 6 weeks after birth which was the heaviest period I have ever had. No problem at all and didn't think too much about it. 

A week after stopping my period I developed bleeding but only when wiping after a wee.

This continued for 4 weeks with some abdominal cramping so I went doctors. I got fobbed off with "Oh it's a womb infection here's some really strong antibiotics", which didn't do nothing. 

I returned 2 weeks later to have swabs done which came back normal and also urine tests, all normal. 

I explained I was a little worried about not having a smear and the doctor rung the smear people as I didn't get a reminder for Jan this year to be told they had changed it to July. 

What's worrying me now is that the bleeding is getting worse, it was just when wiping but is now forcing me to wear a pad, I have cramps in my pelvis area with alot of pain on my right hand side (pelvis area), bloody discharge and clots in the loo after weeing. 

Am I just being silly thinking the worst or have others experienced this? Any advice would be much appreciated. 

Hi lovely,

I haven't got any reassurance to offer you but it looks like we are in the same boat! 

Can you speak to a different Doctor? Explain your concerns and that your symptoms haven't gone away despite antibiotics and ask for a referal? My GP didnt think twice about referring me.

I also had a very heavy and painful first period on 1st May- 8 months after the birth of my daughter. Havent yet had another but have had on and off spotting for a couple of months, sometimes randomly and sometimes after sex. I also have lower back pain and what i can only describe as early labour pains in my lower tummy most days and especially after sex.

My Doctor said it could be related to having a baby and everything settling down but given my history he doesnt think it is wise to wait for my next colposcopy appointment in January.

Please let me know how you get on?

Claire x

Hi i have had bleeding during sex and got really worried about it. Had colposcopy and gynae said its a small erosion nothing to worry about. It causes bleeding after sex and inbetween periods. Now i am really worried as i read a post on here thay says erosion leads to cancer

Hi! It is completely normal to feel worried and scared. You may want to speak to another doctor for second opinion. It won't hurt if you try. Because what you are experiencing now are symptoms of Cervical CA. I'm not saying it really is but go ahead and have yourself checked by another doctor so that it can be detected right away and also for peace of mind. Early detection is prevention and cure. Here's an informative article about the symptoms you shouldn't ignore:

Hope this helps! Godbless you.