Symptoms aching , and hurting in muscles

My name is Jackie , and just wondering and worrying about after treatment hurting bones and big aching like the feeling you would get if you had done a workout may be the day before , I feel like I’ve aged 10 years overnight always been young at heart and still only 46 but since treatment finished I feel like all my joints are hurting and it seems to be getting worse , NOW not sure if this is menopause or just treatment ( radiotherapy, brachytherapy, and 4 chemo ) last treatment was sept 13
Not on HRT , lots in around the knee area and shoulders are killing especially at night laying on my side

Hi Jackie

Have you discussed your problems with your GP? They may suggest that you have a Dexa scan to check bone density. I take low dose HRT called Kilovance and it was highly recommended by my hospital to protect heart and bone health. I also have for the same reason on prescription high dose vitamin D which I take daily. I hope you find something that can improve the situation. I find walking exercise helps me too x

Hi, I could have written your post myself! I finished treatment in October and am about to turn 45 next week. Having constant aches and pains and when I get up in the morning my feet/ankles ache when I'm going downstairs and the rest of me feels like I've had a tough workout the day before.  Also if i've been sitting for a while, I'm like an old woman when I get up with the aches. I'm putting it down to menopause and after effects of treatment.  I discussed HRT with my GP a couple of weeks ago but decided to take calcium/vitD supplements (am also taking evening primrose, turmeric and a probiotic) in the meantime as I really didn't want to take any other medication after the months of cancer meds. GP also said weight bearing exercise such as walking is good for bone strength.  I'm not ruling out HRT but wanted to try and cope naturally for as long as possible.  

Could have written this post, in fact I did! As I'm struggling with back pain and shooting pains in legs. Am now on cocodamol and naproxen. Also feel like an old woman with achy hips and joints. Gentle walking is good for me. I have blood test in jan to confirm I am post menopause and will then discuss HRT. I've been strongly recommended due to me age (31). Still confused about that part. 
I feel this finding the new me part a real struggle! What's normal anymore?! I haven't a clue lol. Xx