Smear came back as borderline changes but they think cin ll?

Hi I’m just really worried I went for first smear it said borderline changes and hpv positive. Went for my colposcopy and the constantly gynaecologist said the abnormal cells look deeper and she thinks it could be cin II and wanted to do punch biopsy. They did that and had to cauterise as they said I was bleeding a bit. She said she will send the results off as urgent so they come back quicker and I will get a letter in 2-4 weeks with results and letter stating if I need treatment. I’m just really worried as read a lot of people have the treatment there and then? I keep thinking did she not for me has she had to be sure as my smear only indicated borderline changes and she thinks I have cin II?

Just so worried thank you

Dear Lauren,

I suspect that they didn’t do any treatment there and then because the possible diagnosis of CIN2 was by visual only, and that’s not an indication for invasive treatment if your smear had only suggested borderline changes.

If it does turn out to be CIN2 then you are likely to have treatment. It’s good of them to send it off as urgent as they know you’re likely to be very spooked and worried after the appointment. Don’t read anything sinister into it. They need to be clear that there are CIN cell changes before subjecting you to a surgical procedure - which is absolutely correct. X

Thank you. Maybe I am reading too much into it. The nurse asked what did the letter say and the consultant said borderline and pulled a look if you get me, and that’s when I asked can she be honest and tell me what she’s thinking and she said the abnormal cells look deeper and she thinks cin 2 but biopsy will 100% confirm it I did ask why I didn’t need treatment and she said I’m young and if needing to do LlETZ they sometimes like to wait as it could affect if I want children later on as they have to take some cervix away. But I said I would rather them just do the treatment. She said she was a bit concerned but not like omg. It was a consultant gynaecologist but the thing what worried me is the sending it as urgent. That’s what I keep thinking and going over thinking the worst. I did ring them after and one of the nurses said if they thought it was something nasty they would of indicated it to me? Thank you and sorry for the big story x