Should I take someone with me

Firstly I am finding the forum very useful at the moment with this process!

My situation at the moment is that I have an urgent referral for a colposcopy which should be within the next 2 weeks. 

I have a lump on my cervix with symptoms of bleeding in between periods, discharge & through examination they noticed I my cervix looked quite raw. I’ve had swabs taken to check for infection and the results indicated there was no infection. 

Do I take someone with me for the colposcopy?  I don’t know if to go on my own or not? 

My partner came along with me for mine but waited in the waiting room whilst i had the procedure. It was a nice gesture of him to come but to be honest, i was quite fine on my own. I think its just personal preference x


My partner said he wants to come, originally I said that i wanted to go on my own. I didn’t want to make it into a big deal, but now I’m thinking that the company might be nice. 

Hi swalker 93 I've just got back from mine my son's nana came with me I would definatly take someone with you it certainly helped me and took my mind of it even tho the Dr and nurses were absolutely brilliant x

Thankyou! So helpful! 


Can I ask what the process is? 

What do they actually do and do they talk to you throughout to let you know what they can see etc ? 

Hi I personally would recommend taking someone with you, my husband came with me but stayed in the waiting room whilst I had the procedure done. It was just nice having someone to chat to whilst waiting as I was a bit worried. Also everyone else in the waiting room had brung someone with them x

Hi Sophie,

I think it depends on the hospital if they treat it on the day. For my colposcopy I was so stressed in the run up that my mum came over from Ireland and my boyfriend took the day off work. Turned out they didn't treat on the day and I could have actually gone back to work that day.

My treatment is booked in tomorrow and I have tried to stress less and don't want everyone close to me to worry and have convinced everyone they don't need to come with me. 

A decision I'm massively regretting this evening as I felt so much better knowing I wasn't going alone last time.

So yes, if you can you should bring some company along in my opinion xx

also yes they were really good at explaining everything, I had a quick consultantion before they actually carried out the colposcopy, to make sure I understood. However I was so nervous I didn't take much in what he was saying. Also the nurses were amazing, held my hand, talked to me. Just remember to ask all of your questions you might have x

Hi swalker 93 I was so scared and nervous i had my eyes shut the whole way through that was just my way of dealing with it as I didn't want to look at the screen to be honest I was scared I had a biopsy and something about Lletz i have no idea if these are the same thing I had done or if there 2 different things my mind was else where I took little bits in she was saying but kinda switched of if that makes sense but yes they were absolutely fantastic and talked me through it all I hurd anaesthetic then a electric thing and then a suction but honestly I just switched of and was singing in my head after it was done they offered me a drink but I said no I'm ok Thank you I didn't even ask questions silly i no my mind just went blank i did ask what happens now and the doctor said wait now for your biopsy result and we can go from there but they assured me no  to worry but it just can't be helped now mine was a little painful due to my cervix being completely normal my abnormal cells were found further up from the cervix so that's maybe why but they are amazing and it really does help taking someone even if it's just to squeeze there hand like I did just to no someone is there i hope everything turns out good for you big hugs to you all xx

Thankyou so much everyone... you have really helped me. 


Still feeling very very anxious about it but I don’t think that will change until I get to my appointment etc. 


I think I will take my partner with me for a bit of company, and I’m going to take your advice and write some questions down to remember whilst I’m there. I am one of those people that completely forget what I want to say and walk away with loads of questions. My GP also hasn’t been very helpful with this side of things and left me feeling quite angry the other day. Just really ready for some answers now. 

I hope you are alright! X 


not sure if you’ve had your appointment yet, but I’ve just had my urgent colposcopy today after waiting the full 2 weeks. I took my other half and baby daughter, but they waited in the seating area outside the colposcopy room.  I could have gone on my own though, the staff were very calming and reassuring. 

My gp had found a red area and a growth on examination after having heavier discharge for the past 6 months.  I asked if it was bad and she looked at me and replied ‘ermmmm...... there’s been changes and you need to be seen urgently’, then she handed me a suspected cervical cancer form, so I thought the worst.  During my 2 week wait I had to go back to the gp with anxiety and panic attacks, she’d frightened me that much! My last smear was normal, so I was very shocked. 

Finally got to my colposcopy appointment and the consultant pretty much knew what it was before she examined me. Turns out I had an ectropion due to hormonal changes from having a baby 6 months ago. Very common condition that may/may not cause bleeding and vaginal discharge. The pill can cause ectropion too apparently and some women don’t realise they have them. They can give the appearance of malignancy, so it has to be checked. They cauterised it off and did punch biopsy, I didn’t feel a thing. I’ve had some period type pains afterwards though. 


Best of of luck with your appointment