3 month check up


just a quickee really for those who have already had this.

Did you go alone or take your partner with you?  i know from reading various posts that this will entail a physical exam and i'm not sure how i feel about my partner being the other side of a curtain while i'm prodded and poked!  i know its a bit silly, but after all i've been through this will be the first time that my consultant has actually done an internal examination on me!



I would say to take him with you. 

Even if he only sits in the waiting room, you can always shout him in then if needed & he's there for when you've done. 

i always prefer privacy during examinationa despite my husband obvisously being well used to my body but justbas I was about to start my hysteroscopy last month I just all of a sudden wanted him there so had the nurse call him in. 

He sat on a chair next to my head so he wasn't at an angle where he could see all that was going on but was right by my side which comforted me. 



Hi Pat

I always go alone to these but that’s because I’m determined that the news will be good therefore I don’t need anyone there! Is a physiological thing :slight_smile: There will be an internal but mine only takes 2 mins, he has a quick look and a feel and then we are done.

I’d say do what makes you most comfortable, if you prefer him to come I’m sure he could just wait outside while you are being examined.

Ali x

Hi Pat

I had my first check up about a month ago - it was a total joke. There was no examination, he basically told me there'd been no cancer found in any of the tissue removed, then just asked me if I was ok, if my scar was ok and that was it - it literally lasted less than 2 minutes! I went in expecting an internal and was so surprised at the brief nature of the appointment that I didn't even ask about it. I was told I'd get another appointment in another few months, so I don't know if that will follow the same format.

Hi pat,

I agree thatits up to you totally, how u feel. I know when I go to mine my hubbie will be there as he has come to everything since colposcopy. I like having him there and feel two pairs of ears are better than one. Hubbie can wait outside, just nice to have someone to talk to straight after. Let us know how it goes.

Dons xxxI