Partner asked to leave whilst colposcopy was carried out

Hi. I had my colposcopy yesterday and it wasn't bad at all. The only issue I had was my partner took the day off work to support me and comfort me and he was asked to leave the room after my chat with lady so I had the full colposcopy and treatment done on my own. we made the most of my partner taking the day off work and tookl the kids out for the day to beamish which I didn't think I would be upto but Iv been ok :) I had a little cramp lastnight but Iv woke up this morning and I feel back to normal I haven't even bled either. she said I could bleed upto 4 weeks!!!! Xxx

Hiya I think it's different hospitals have different rules, I had my sister with me

and she was allowed to stay the with me whilst I had the colposcopy I don't know weather it was because they could

see how frightened I was or if it's like I say different rules? I found te more active I was the more I bled I'm now two Weeks in and iv got slight

spotting xxx

Hi, i just had my second colp and didnt bleed with either although i did at my smear? I had them both done at different hospitals and each time my friend was with me throughout, how many people can say their friends have seen their cervix!!! lol

I would have thought you should definately have been allowed someone with you during the procedure, it didnt even cross my mind that my friend wouldnt come in!

Maybe if you have to have it done again ring and check beforehand on their policies? Good luck with your results, Heidi

Hello. I had my check at hospital yesterday afylter my smear results showed severe dyskaryosis. She said my husband couldn't come in the room while she asked me questions as they was busy.

When she took me in the room to have a closer look inside I asked for him to be there. She said to me do you want him in? As if o would want to do it alone!! She let him in in the end. xx