Second Lletz Concerns


I hope you’re all well. I’ve been called back for a second Lletz as the margins were not clear for originally discovered high grade CGIN and CIN1. They said that there is in fact CGIN and CIN3 in the unclear margins.

Wondering what has been the outcome for most people after a second Lletz.

Do you think if there was cancer, it would have showed up in the first Lletz?

Thank you so much.


Heyy, I can’t offer any answers (I’m in the same boat - second lletz in a couple of weeks - Cgin and cin3). I’m hoping the consultant will explain more when I go back in but just wanted to say hello :blush: Knowing you’ll have to do it again feels tough doesn’t it! Sending hugs xx


Thanks for reaching out! Yes It’s rubbish having to do it again isn’t it. :frowning: Just hope this will be the last of it. My procedure is on 28/11 so I’ll post an update on here after to update on what they have to say on it all! Best of luck to you xx

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I had to have a second lletz due to unclear margins with CGIN.

The results of my second lletz was CIN1 only.

It was a very stressful time waiting for the results twice! I haven’t been able to have my test of cure as I am currently pregnant but hope it is good news when I have this next year.

Hope you get oh okay at your second lletz x


Firstly wonderful news on your pregnancy! Thank for your reply. That’s really positive that it was only CIN1 on your 2nd Lletz… really hope you get the test of cure next time xx

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