Reoccurring CIN 3! Help!


i am just looking for some advice from anybody who has been in the same situation as myself. 

I atteneded my first smear in June 2018 aged 24. My results came back as severe CIN 3 and I had the LLETZ procedure to remove this. My results showed that all CIN 3 had been removed with clear margins.

I recently got my 6 month check up smear. I received the results today that the severe CIN 3 is back with high risk HPV and I am booked into the colposcopy clinic for further treatment.

I am really worried and quite upset that the CIN 3 has come back within a 6 month period and I am also worried about having a repeat LLETZ procedure, as I am young and have no children and I am quite worried about it effecting my fertility. 

If anyone has any advice about reoccurring CIN 3 and multiple LLETZ procedures I would be so greatful!

Just feeling really scared :(

Thanks! Xx

I’ve had my second Lltez today and have the same worries as you. I asked the nurse loads of questions after and she was really helpful. She said everyone is different but especially after 2 loops the cervix is getting very small. There is a risk of preterm delivery if I fell pregnant in the future but things can be done to support. She said some people have several loops and go on and have healthy pregnancies and some don’t. Worrying hey!