Received invitation for cervical screening/ smear test

Hi all,
I received an invitation for smear test, which is a little bit confusing as I have had hysterectomy due to being diagnosed with cervical cancer. Surely that’s a mistake ? Thanks

This happened to me too, plus text messages

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Hi @Dona

The letter automatically comes from the screening service when you are due for recall, so it’s not from your gp. I’ve had real problems getting removed from invitations despite having had major gynae surgery-I still get invitations and reminders. You can contact your gp who can arrange for you to be removed from the register-this still can take months as it did in my case.

Are you not being scheduled for a test after hysterectomy though? Not having a cervix doesn’t mean the risk of abnormal cells is removed if you have active hpv.

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Thank you for your reply.
I am not sure how it all works to be honest. I will contact my GP.

Don’t you think that chemo would have killed all the cells abnormal once? Sorry if that’s a silly question, I am just really confused with it all x

Sorry, I didn’t realise you had chemoradiation. I had chemo and radiation, but my cancer still recurred after this, despite a NED result after treatment so it’s unfortunately always possible for this to come back.

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