1st smear post treatment

I was diagnosed on 26 March 2020 with cervical cancer. Had chemo and radio. Then brachy. MRI in September last year showed all clear. 

Had a smear 2 weeks ago and it's come back still HPV positive and changes to my cells. So have to go for another colposcopy. Had anyone had this before ? Is it likely to be more cancerous cells? 

Pretty sure you shouldn't be having smears now as they won't be accurate during to your history. Did you speak to any of your medical professionals about this? 

My surgery keep inviting me for smears and I have to explain to them each time why I don't need one x

Thank you for your reply. It was my GP who invited me for it. I did explain to the nurse that I had treatment for cervical cancer last year. So they know.

I haven't told the hospital where I had my treatment. I'm due another MRI there in May I think. 

I thought after having cancer you had yearly smears, so thought it was normal. 

My doctor never performs a smear on me, she told me a smear after radio and brachy will always give questionable results. I am not sure why your GP took a smear, you are still under follow up by your doctors at the hospital. I would give them a call and ask them what is going on.

I keep getting reminders from my GP by telephone and post asking me to attend the surgery for a smear, I keep telling them I have a 10yr follow up program with my gynae-oncologist at the hospital and to take me off their mailing list :-( they then apologise and within weeks I get another text message or "helpful" leaflet about cervical cancer in the post. On one hand it makes me so cross to be badgered like this but on the other hand I guess its good that they are being proactive to encourage people who would benefit from the screening program to attend, despite covid19. I just wish they'd take on board that I don't want any of their cervical cancer leaflets in the post anymore, I've written to them twice about it.

Rant over, sorry for hijacking this thread ?

Stay well everyone xXx

Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll call the hospital tomorrow and discuss with them. I just assumed I had to go every year and no one has ever told me otherwise. 

Hopefully the smear tests results have just come back as cell changes due to my treatment then. Also the HPV positive thing will still be accurate. 

Oh my! This is exactly what has been happening to me over the last 5 years! I have actually put in a complaint now as it upsets me every time I get a letter or text message inviting me to a smear and I have to call up and explain why I don't have one anymore!!! I think I've had at least 4 invitations. Shame they weren't that pro active before I was diagnosed- never missed a smear yet was still diagnosed stage 4a!!!!

My rant over too !!!

Thank you everyone. I have spoken to the hospital and I should have never received the letter to have a smear, or gone for it. Glad I found out before I went for the colposcopy!

Theu will write to my GP again to tell him to remove me from the screening programme. 

Hi copperpot & phileeppa 

So sorry that this has happened, it is really annoying and yes tbh distressing. And poor copperpot almost going through with a colposcopy too! I am sure it is a simple admin process to update our records so we don't get this invites. It was good advice from Izzzy. Hopefully if your consultant writes to them then they will act upon it. Take care both x