Not able to get an appointment. Previous abnormal cells and removal

Hi everyone! 
I wonder if anyone is having the same issue, I've received 2 letters now inviting me for my smear test. I've previously had abnormal cells removed a few years ago so booking in my smear I felt was quite important . I rang my doctors surgery and was told they're not taking appointments and the receptionist herself was well overdue. I'm not quite sure where to go from here ? Do I go private or is there anywhere else I can go? She didn't really give me any other advice! 
hope everyone is doing okay in these crazy times 

love mills xx

Could you call your colposcopy clinic to voice your concerns and ask for their advice?


It is really confusing and conflicting when the government and NHS are telling us all to keep going for appointments but then at a local level people are being told otherwise. 


I really hope you get your screening xx

Hi Millieann

My guess (it is only a guess) that your only realistic option is to go private. 

You might want to consider self testing for HPV (kits can be bought on-line - google on 'HPV self testing UK - if in the UK); if the test is negative then you could consider it OK to wait until the NHS starts screening again; if the test is positive you could then elect to go for a private smear.

HPV self testing isn't wacky (so to speak) but, if you're interested, I would suggest researching the various kits before deciding - see the following link on this website for further information:

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert - just passing on information.

 Take care