Radical hysterectomy - keeping ovaries 19 March

Hi Jo, 

You'll also get free prescriptions for the next five years, and that's on everything, not just on medication related to having cancer. 

I also felt glad to have the option of the treatment - if I was in another country or if this was 50 years ago, I probably wouldn't even know I had cancer yet, which is a pretty sobering thought. You're bound to be nervous about tomorrow, but as you say, best to get on with it and get it done now. Remember that we're all with you and thinking about you, and look forward to hearing from you on the other side of the op. 

With much love, 

Annabel. x

Hi there,

Just wanted to add an update as I am now just over 2 weeks post rad hysterectomy.

I went in last on the list so was there from 7am to 2pm before being taken to theatre, joy! I had an epidural then GA. I can round fine and was back in the ward by 6:30pm,taking to visitors at 7:00.

I had the epidural in for 3 days with a pump so I could top it up. It made my left leg totally numb so I was in hospital for 6 days rather than the 3 expected. It took me a long time to get mobile again, but as soon as they removed my catheter in the last day I felt loads better.

Thankfully lactulose has kept the dreaded constipation away for me, although for the first few nights trapped wind was really painful.

Pain wise I’m keeping on top of it with the meds given but only now am I comfortable enough to sleep on my side. My abdomen and belly get so big! The scar is healing nicely but I’m exhausted after making a cup of tea.

The consultant saw me the next day and said the cancer was contained, not sure how accurate that is without the pathology and lymph node dissection though so I’m holding out for results on Monday as to whether I’ll need radiotherapy too.

I am so so bored of being inside but not really up to going anywhere yet. Learning to crochet which is passing the time nicely.


Hey Jo have been thinking about you loads & wondering how you're getting on !! So glad the op went well & sounds like you're recovering nicely..... We all know this op takes it out off you, but must be very frustrating, especially how the sun has been shining ... But you're in the best place - it's been freezing out ! Keep us updated hun& very pleased you're on the mend... Keep resting up though ...

lots of hugs


x x x