radical hysterectomy

Hi ladies

Just a quick up date with what's going on.   Well I'm booked in for a radical hysterectomy on the 5th March I am so scared I have never had  an operation before and just don't know what to expect.  I was gonna have key hole surgery but now that has changed I have to be cut from my belly button all the way down SurprisedCry  eerrrhhh not nice. I'm finding everything very difficult at the moment, I feel like I can not do this 




Oh hello sweetheart,

I feel for you really I do. I had exactly the same op three and a bit years ago but I wasn't told it was going to be a vertical incision. You can do it, no, it isn't the best day out you ever had but there is a reason for the doctors to take the decision to do it this way. I have had several assorted different operations before my hysterectomy and I have to say that the hysterectomy is a big operation and it does take time to recover from it, so you must prepare yourself for quite a lot of down-time after 5th March. Between now and then you should try to fit in all the sorts of things that you really enjoy doing but may not feel up to for a while afterwards. And if you can, buy yourself some treats for while you are in hospital such as the best nightie in the world, natty sponge-bag with favourite lotions and potions and an absolutely to-die-for pair of soft and comfy joggy-bottom kind of trousers for coming home in. There are several threads on here about what you will find useful in a practical way but you also want some morale-boosting stuff as well.

We're all with you Kay, you can do this.

Be lucky



Hi Kay

I can fully understand how you are feeling at the moment.  I had a vertical incision too and felt just the same as you in the time leading up to it.  It ended up not being half as bad as I thought it would be and if I can do it then anyone can!  I agree with everything Tivoli has put above, do try and treat yourself and do some things you enjoy doing.  The main things I took in with me were loose nighties, big pants in a bigger size (your tummy will be swollen), peppermint tea bags (an absolute essential for helping with the post op wind & bloating), nice toiletries, some magazines and my kindle.

I did feel a bit stressed beforehand and listened to some relaxation cd's which really helped.  The time will soon go and you will be on the road to recovery.  Keep us posted and we will give you lots of support to help you get through it.



Hi hon.

you CAN do this. I was in the same boat, with the same worries, four months ago, and I am here to tell the tale. I am still achy but so much better and so glad to be out the other side of it all. You will be in this position just as summer kicks in, and you will have a very good excuse to laze around enjoying the sunshine in April and may!

take care, ask us anything you need to know.

Molly xxx