radical hysterectomy booked!

Hey me again.

So i had my pre op assessment yesterday and im booked in for my radical hysterectomy on thursday, im so glad its so soon but feeling a worldwind of emotions atm. I dont think its going to hit me properly that i wont be able to have more childeren until after & fearing i will then be very emotional. 

There was also a mention in my pre op about the risk of it effecting my future sex life as they are removing the top part of my vagina anyone else experienced this ??? 

Im having keyhole surgery with robotics so i should be allwed home the next day. Such a scary time but i can do this.

We all can

Sending love to you all

Hi Sj,

Sending you a great big hug and best wishes for a very speedy recovery



i had a robotics radical hysterectomy 27th January. I was in hospital for 2 days. It's almost 6 weeks now and I doing really well physically. I had hardly any blood loss and not much pain either which I managed to keep under control with just paracetamol when I came home. I had a catheter in for a week and after it was taken out I had a water infection but it cleared up very quickly with antibiotics. Don't forget to take some peppermint juice etc in with you because it dies really help!   Good luck x


I am so sorry to hear the situation you find youself in. huge hug (((((HUG)))))

I had the same something over three years ago, not the keyhole and robots mind, I had a vertical incision and a surgeon with hairy arms but that is beside the point. I also was aware pre-op that the top of my vagina would go. I was not told it would affect my sex life. After the op I was told that in fact more than half of my vagina had been removed and this came as a dreadful, dreadful shock. I joined this forum then (under a different name) and asked around for women who had lost significant portions of their vagina. I didn't get a single response and so I left the forum feeling desperately alone. I don't want that to happen to you.

Sex with a reduced vagina is perfectly possible, it isn't the same but it's still fun. To be honest with you, I think that the missing cervix and womb have more of an effect on the sex than the top of the vagina. I am a lot older than you. It has taken several years since the op for my libido to drop off completely, but this is to do with menopause and not the reduced vagina. I would really like to think that if you get back on the horse (as it were) as soon as you feel able, and stick with it, learning new techniques as you go, then you'll be OK. As long as the libido remains, you will find great ways to satisfy it.

Wishing you all the very best for a full and speedy recovery, you'll get there :-)




Good luck with your op, you’re right, you can do this!
I had my op open surgery not keyhole but was only in hospital 2 nights.

I am also the proud owner of a shortened vagina! But have a perfectly normal, not at all different sex life! The one thing I was told, and sorry if this is tmi, is that some women feel their orgasms in the womb, so that obviously feels different post op. But it’s just as good and you quickly adapt.

I get occasional spotting after sex but it’s because I also had I ternal radiotherapy, nothing to do with the op.

Good luck, you’ll soon be on the road to recovery xxx

Hello. Nothing helpful to add other than to say I'm thinking of you and sending you a cyber hug. You're very brave but remember it is ok to be a mess and cry too - sometimes I think it's what people expect of you and were a bit weird-ed out when I was chilled at times!

Wishing you the very best for you RH and just go to sleep thinking about seeing your gorgeous daughter and loving husband when you wake up - they will get you through it.

Lots of love, Lucy x

Aww thankyou all for your replies. I am quite thankful to hear that it should not have too much of an effect.

I am nervous not for the op but the recovery amd knowing i still may need some radiotherapy. But i have a huge support network and the doctors and nurses have been amazing. Noy to mention all the ladies on here :) 

Hi sj

I had the same op as you 16 months ago and had 2cm off my vagina,but was in hospital for a week due  to some problems,but I won't go into those now,you will feel emotional it's ok only natural after all it's a huge operation,and you can do it !! I had to have 5 weeks of chemo/radiation treatment after just as a precaution cos of the 1 margin was too close to the bladder.this treatment made my vagina tighten but was given different dilators to make it stretch,so over time our sex life returned back to normal.when you go in for your op take nighties instead of pj's some big pants,tracksuit bottoms and a pillow to put under the seatbelt on the way home,wishing you all the best for Thursday love and hugs cj

Thankyou cj. I may need radiotherapy after also but they wont know until they have got what they need out n had it all tested.

Hi again sj,after your op if you need treatment I'm only to happy to help ,if I can,with any questions you might have,good luck for Thursday and I'll be thinking of you take care cj xx

Good luck for tomorrow SJ! Look forward to hearing how you're doing. Just had my radical hysterectomy booked for 9th April - just managing so squeeze in a holiday to see family overseas beforehand. The sun will do me good!

Stay positive!


Hi sj, I had a radical hysterecomy in March which was open surgery so have a c-section scar so I'm 6/7weeks post op, I have been told no more children for me it's hard to deal with at 1st but the way I look at it God gave us a chance to have children before this nasty c came alone with help & sopport from everyone here also friends & family at home ull get through this.

im now waiting for  my radio & chemo therapy to start to zap the last few bad cells 

chin up hope everything goes ok & your back on your feet soon 


im 25years old