radiation proctitis!!! - any tips?

Hi everyone, sorry for getting straight to the point here but basically I'm suffering really badly from radiation proctitis at the minute, only finished radiotherapy on Wed, but it's a complete nightmare at the min, wondering if any of you have any tips or any remedies that may help??? I will try anything!

Hello Lynnie.  I've only had a mild case of this and it has settled down really well over time.  I'd definately go to the doctor as ther has to be some creams or maybe anti-inflammatory medication to treat this.  I'm not sure of any other remedies, maybe the pharmacist at your local chemist could give you some over-the-counter medication, it would be worth asking.



Thank you for your reply, yes I'm hoping it will get better, just not a very good patient at the min. Have got prednisone suppositories to c if they help x